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The ZTE Axon V concept has cameras that bend from the side, rather than a notch

In recent years, smartphone designs have developed rapidly from shiny elements to almost limitless with a wide snap in the display, up to now, where we see tear-shaped notches and hole punches for cameras. ZTE seems to have come up with the next crazy idea: an Axon V concept with a 3D camera that actually protrudes from the chassis side.

It is not yet much known about the device yet, with the first look coming from Notebook Italia . The site's sources say that Axon V is still in the concept, although there is a chance that it could be released within 2019. Although there is no word on specifications, ZTE is said to use a 6.8 inch OLED screen with a 21: 9 relationship for this new flagship.

But the real eye catcher is of course the big bulge next to the right side of the display. This asymmetric section is said to contain a 3D camera with two sensors vertically aligned. To be clear, this protrusion is actually part of the phone's frame, not a sliding mechanism.

The reason for this odd form is that ZTE does not want to sacrifice any of the properties that go to check or punch cameras that we see on other units. The entire front of the phone can be devoted to displaying content such as photos and videos or games. But there is still the strange bulge on the side.

It is somebody's guess at this time what type of 3D or AR functionality ZTE plans to incorporate with Axon V's front cameras in this position. Interestingly, the double cameras on the back are located within the normal rectangular frame, rather than on the protrusion. If we assume that this unit goes beyond just being a concept, it is likely that we will soon hear more about it.

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