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These requirements will make your flight less stressful

On the left a woman inserting earplugs;  in the middle a man putting a portable charger in his pocket;  and on the right, a woman with noise canceling headphones on an airplane.
Alpine Hearing Protection / Anker / TaoTronics

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7;ve ever flown somewhere, you probably know what it feels like to get to the airport, but realize you’re missing an essential item. These must-pack carry-on items ensure that you always have what you need for a comfortable flight.

Ideally, a vacation is relaxing. Unfortunately, the traveling portion can be anything but. A dead battery or a noisy flight can turn the experience into a nightmare. Therefore, packing these essentials can help make your journey smoother, from the airport to when you finally land at your destination.

Battery Pack

On the left a portable Anker charger and on the right the charger next to a travel case and other accessories.

Relying on available outlets at the airport or on the plane is a risky business: not all airplane seats have them, and they are hot commodities at the airport. Keep calm and stay charged with a handy portable charger.

This lightweight, ultra-portable battery works fast and has enough power to charge a phone multiple times. It even comes with a travel pouch for easy packing. If the mere thought of a low battery warning makes you stressed, this charger will give you peace of mind.

Compact power strip

On the left a hand holding a portable Anker power strip, and on the right just the power strip.

Traveling nowadays often means packing multiple devices. Whether you’re using them for work or entertainment, it’s worth charging a few things at once without taking up multiple outlets.

With this easily portable power strip you can charge everything at the airport with a single outlet. It’s also great if you enjoy working in cafes and other public areas when traveling, or for convenient recharging at a hotel. With three USB ports plus three power outlets, you can charge everything and be ready for anything.

Cord ties

A bright blue twist tie wrapped around a device's charging cord.
Nite Ize

All appliances come with cords, and those cords often get tangled when you travel. These rubber bands keep your cords neatly wrapped so they don’t turn into spaghetti in your luggage.

The rubber material keeps the tires in place even when your luggage is being pushed. They are durable, so you can use them again and again. And in addition to tying down charging cables, they’re also great for unexpected tasks like securely tying an open snack bag before putting it back in your carry-on.

In-Seat Organizer

On the left a close-up of items in the Flight 001 Seat Pak, and on the right just the seat organizer.
Flight 001

Battery packs, charging cables, snacks, reading materials: there is a lot you want to have on hand when sitting in your airplane seat. This in-seat organizer keeps everything within reach for a stress-free flight!

The compartments allow you to separate items, so you don’t have to dig through a big messy bag to find what you’re looking for. You can put this bag in the beanbag for you or hang it on the tray.

Aircraft-friendly earplugs

On the left a package of Alpine FlyFit earplugs and on the right a woman wearing the earplugs.
Alpine hearing protection

We all wish a quiet flight every time, but of course it is not like that. Whether you’re sitting by the bikes or bothered by noisy fellow passengers, it pays to bring a pair of earplugs.

However, not all earplugs are created equal. This aircraft-friendly set not only keeps out noise, but also helps relieve ear pressure caused by elevation changes. Even if you don’t think you will need them, they are cheap enough to be a valuable item to pack for every flight.

Noise canceling headphones

TaoTronics' hybrid active noise canceling headphones with bag, cords and box, and a woman wearing them looking at her laptop.

If you are severely affected by noise, or need to focus and work while you travel, you may also want to look for noise canceling headphones. While they can be pricey, they’re not as expensive as you’d expect – this pair will deliver the goods for around $ 60.

Whether you want to listen to your own music in peace or just block out random noise, these headphones have you covered. They reduce noise by up to 30 dB, even in the noisiest environments (such as an airplane). They are also adjustable for comfort and fold compactly to fit in their compact case when not in use.

Travel pillow

On the left a BCOZZY travel pillow and on the right a woman with the pillow on an airplane.

Taking a nap in airports or on airplanes is never ideal, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Don’t let yourself be caught kissless! You know that your folded jacket is not a good alternative. This supportive travel pillow makes that flight nap feel really refreshing.

The unique design wraps around your chin so your head doesn’t fall over and wake you up. It supports the neck to reduce stiffness and pain. Plus, it’s machine washable and you don’t even have to remove the cover first.

Sleeping mask

On the left a MZOO sleep mask next to the packaging and travel bag, and on the right only a sleep mask.

For those red-eye and long haul flights, a sleep mask can be essential. Keeping the light out is the last essential step to ensuring that you can sleep comfortably on an airplane.

A thin traditional sleep mask is likely to shift, rendering it ineffective. But this sturdy, contoured sleep mask stays right where you want to block out the maximum light. Plus, the soft memory foam stays comfortable for your eyes, while the strap adjusts for a perfect fit.

Digital luggage scale

On the left a man using a Camry luggage scale, on the right only a luggage scale.

Excess weight for luggage can make a big dent in your travel budget – not exactly a fun airport surprise. This carry-on scale is lightweight, easy to use and can save you money on countless trips.

No more stress about what to buy during your trip, because you always know when your luggage has reached the maximum weight. Just hang your bag on the belt, turn on the scale and you will get an accurate weight in seconds.

Hands-free phone clip

On the left a SkyClip + with travel accessories and on the right a SkyClip + in use on an airplane.
SkyClip +

If you enjoy watching things on your phone or tablet while you travel, this airplane-friendly travel clip is a must-have. It fits all mobile phones and tablets and keeps them stable while you relax.

The SkyClip is made to attach to the airplane table and you can adjust the angle to whatever is most comfortable for you. It keeps your device at eye level and minimizes neck discomfort when looking at your phone the entire flight. No more paying for in-flight entertainment with this handy gadget at hand!

While flying can cause unexpected stressors, it can still be a lot of fun. The key is packing what you need to stay comfortable on the go. With these items in your carry-on bag, you can eliminate travel stress, relax and enjoy your trip.

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