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This $ 20 app shuts down an alarm if someone tries to steal your MacBook

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  Beepify helps partially alleviate the fear of a stolen laptop.
Beepify helps partially alleviate the fear of a chair laptop.

Image: beepify

If you live on your computer you probably live in constant fear that it being stolen. All it takes is an unhappy bathroom break in a cafe, a faster thief on the train or a home break to make your most expensive possession forever – and it doesn't even take into account the value of the stored data on it.

If you've spent the last four years on that short story, or just the last four weeks working on a cost report, you have a lot of your life attached to that hard drive and losing it would be a huge disaster.

Beepify, a digital security service for your laptop, does a lot to alleviate these fears. After activation, Beepify waits for one of three triggers: the notebook is closed, disconnected or the screen turned off. If one of these triggers is activated, the devices let out a loud and alarming beep. The ideas that would be thieves would be scared or at least publicly shamed and give up their attempts to disturb in the night.

The biggest advantage of Beepify is that it condemns the cumbersome and ineffective tradition of asking the person sitting next to you in the coffee shop to promise to protect your laptop while going to the toilet. What do you expect to do if a dedicated thief appears? Punch the guy, or slip tackle him? What if they are too distracted by the manuscript, do they even work when your MacBook Air flies in the hands of a devastating thief?

While a lifetime subscription is usually $ 299, Beepify is currently on sale for just $ 39.99. But if you are a bit more cautious than that, there is also a one-year subscription (worth $ 59.99) for just $ 19.99.

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