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This Stupid McNugget Looks Like a Character From ‘Among Us’…and It Sold For $100k – Review Geek

A photo of the sus McNugget


7;re only halfway through 2021, but a disturbing trend is emerging among the geeks and gamers in our society. They’re willing to do anything for collectibles – even pulling a gun in a Target parking lot for… pokemon Cards. But on June 4, another horrifying thing happened… a McNugget in the shape of a Between Our character sold for $99,997 on eBay ($100,001 with shipping).

find Among us lookalikes in the real world is a relatively common occurrence. After all, many things in this world are shaped like a circle with two legs. But the sus Chicken McNugget, found by Polizna during a BTS meal at McDonalds, is an incredible rarity. Would I have sealed it in an IKEA bag to sell on eBay? No, I would have eaten it, but that’s why I don’t have $100k now I guess. (I’m not mad or anything.)

The Among Us McNugget List.

Originally listed for 99 cents, the dumb McNugget ended up with a starting bid of $14,969.69. Whoever made that first offer (bless his heart) started a week-long bidding war before an unknown scalper dropped in at the last minute to land the McNugget for its final price of $99,997.

Why the scalper paid so much for the McNugget, we may never know. Maybe they are just a big fan of Among us, the K-Pop group BTS, and Rick and Morty– forgot to mention that the special McNugget comes with Szechuan sauce?

Polizna, seller of the frustrating McNugget, says it ships in an airtight bag to preserve freshness. The buyer can eat the McNugget if they wish as it will arrive at their mansion or castle within the 14 day expiration period (I don’t know where Polizna got that number from, please don’t eat two week old McNuggets).

Source: polizna via The Verge

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