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This Summer "Father Immortal" Shows You the Dark Side on Playstation VR – Review Geek

  Darth Vader, standing in a pitch black room lit by a red lightsaber

Virtual Reality can still be a mixed bag. If it works, it's excellent, and if it doesn't, it leaves you … well nauseated. No other VR game shows that fact better than Father Immortal . It will completely immerse you in a galaxy far, far away. And soon you don't need an Oculus set to enjoy it. PlayStation VR owners can join the lightsaber promotion.

It is difficult to explain why Vader Immortal works so well in some areas, although it suffers from some of the usual flaws of Virtual Reality. The climbing sections drop your belly and it is weird to teleport around instead of walking. But the first five minutes will convince you it's worth it.

When you start the game, you find yourself driving a junker of a ship that would fit perfectly with the Millenium Falcon. Your companion droid asks you to flip some toggle switches and then pull a handle to jump to speed of light. It feels perfect. And Father Immortal is full of such moments. The first time Darth Vader comes to you and towers over your head, you feel like you're really in the room with the Dark Sith Lord.

The main drawback of Father Immortal was of a platform nature. To play it you needed an Oculus Rift or Quest. The Rift is expensive (especially when you consider a gaming PC) and the Quest is incredibly hard to find in stock. But now the game is coming to Playstation VR, a system that's cheaper than the Oculus Rift and easier to find than the Oculus Quest.

Unfortunately, we don't have a 'ship date' this summer, ”But we know one thing: you buy the game in one package. You're currently buying the game in Oculus in three parts of $ 1

0. Fortunately, that includes both the story and the lightsaber dojo.

ILMxLAB promised more updates in the coming months, so keep an eye out and until then the Force may be with you.

Source: Playstation Blog via Engadget

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