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This windbreaker can & # 39; heal itself & # 39; of small holes – Review Geek

  The Whistler Windbreaker

Coalatree ̵

1; the company that has previously made a highly-valued hoodie from recycled coffee grounds – is back on Kickstarter with its latest creation: a windbreaker capable of "curing" flat tires by rubbing it with your finger.

The Whistler Windbreaker is made of 100% nylon with a DWR coating that repels water from light precipitation. However, it is not just nylon material – it is & # 39; HiloTech & # 39 ;, which is said to have specially woven nylon strands made of microscopic fibers. Those fibers stick to the legs of an insect, just like the hairs, and when you apply a little heat and friction by rubbing the material with your finger, it can force the fibers to attach in a way that covers a small hole.

Apart from the ability to cure small punctures, there are, among other things, an inner pocket for the glove, an outer pocket for the phone, hand-warming pockets, a chin guard, hood and hip cords, elastic cuffs and a reflective logo on the sleeve. When the jacket is not worn, it can be put in the front breast pocket, which makes for a compact package that makes traveling easy. The filled package even has a carabiner with which you can hang the jacket on the outside of a travel bag.

Although the product is interesting and Coalatree certainly deserves the benefit of the doubt, it would be nice to see a more thorough demonstration of the types of damage that you can reasonably expect. to fix on this thing. The demo video indicates that thorn or small nail pricks can be rubbed away in seconds, but one author of The Inventory said he was not lucky with "curing" a small linear cut made with scissors. What about small holes that have been burned in the material by embers from campfire?

The Whistler is scheduled for shipment in March 2020 with a Kickstarter price starting at $ 72 for a single jacket – $ 57 off the expected retail price. Size from XS to XXL and as a reference point, medium medium sieves us.

Coalatree said yesterday in an announcement on its Kickstarter page that it had managed to reach its original goal of financing at $ 50,000. That amount has reached $ 62,275 at the time of writing and the company says that if it can reach its "$ 100,000" target on Kickstarter, it will add a new red color option to its current black, blue and green choices. Given that the campaign still has 27 days to go and it is only now reaching the news circuit, reaching $ 100,000 or higher seems reasonably possible.

As mentioned, this is not Coalatree's first attempt at the odd side of fashion, previously funded and sent a hoodie made from recycled coffee grounds. That project reached $ 558,796 support and is available today for $ 109 with favorable reviews on the internet. The company also claims that it was not too late to deliver one Kickstarter project.

Source: Kickstarter via The Inventory

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