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This Wyze Starter Kit is the easiest way to start your Smart Home Adventure – Review Geek

  The Wyze smart home starter package.

The world of smart houses often feels like a confusing walled garden. But with the Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack, everything is cheap and easy. For just $ 1

00 you get eight smart home products that are easy to set up and offer an easy path to smart routines and home automation.

This starter pack contains a mess of our favorite Wyze products. You get three smart lights, two smart plugs, a smart indoor camera, a set of four Wyze sensors and a Micro SD card (for storing extra video in the Wyze camera). If you only go to smart houses, then this is a no-brainer.

Save a little money, save a lot of time

At a glance you could assume that the Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack is a cheap alternative to individually packaged Wyze products. But that is not necessarily the case. Wyze already sells its smart home products at very competitive prices, so the company cannot really go down. All in all, the Wyze Smart Home Starter Kit is only $ 20 cheaper than the sum of the parts (and that's usually in the shipping costs).

That $ 20 discount is nice, but we are more interested in the convenience factor of the Wyze starter package. The world of smart houses is notoriously opaque, especially when you are just starting out. Instead of spending a whole day researching smart home products, you can buy this kit and know that every piece of the puzzle works together flawlessly. You can set up everything within one app (the Wyze app on iOS / Android) and you get a good idea of ​​how smart home automation and routines improve the quality of your living space.

And while this starter pack does not have that is much cheaper than a set of individually packaged Wyze products, it is considerably cheaper than all that Wyze's competitors have to offer. This is something we have thought about in the past: the smart plugs, smart lights, smart cameras & smart sensors from Wyze are insanely affordable and they don't skimp on functions. These products already offer the easiest and cheapest access to the world of smart homes, so why not buy them all in one handy package?

What can you do with the Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack?

  A photo of the Wyze smart camera.

Each item in the Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack can work independently. The smart lights can automate the lighting in your living room, the smart plugs can turn off your media center and the smart camera and sensors can act as a simple indoor security system. It is no shame to separate these products in your home. Yet they work best when used in combination with each other, such as the cells in a futuristic smart organism.

For example, you could program your porch light to turn on when your Wyze sensors detect that the back door is open. Or you can program your smart plugs to turn off the media center when the Wyze camera has not detected any movement for several hours.

The possibilities are endless. And because all these products are from one company, it is easy to link them together via a single app (or smart assistant). Once you are used to your Wyze starter package, you naturally want to further expand your smart home. So what should you buy now?

The journey does not end here!

  A photo of the Google Nest Hub on a shelf.

Because you start your smart journey home with Wyze, it only makes sense to commit to the brand. After all, the smart home products from Wyze are the most affordable on the market and the company does not sacrifice functions to achieve that low price.

But before you buy a new starter kit or a handful of individual Wyze cameras, sensors, lights, and plugs, we recommend investing in a smart speaker or screen. Affordable smart speakers such as the Google Nest Mini and the Echo Dot allow you to control your smart home with the sound of your voice and bridge the gap between smart home products from different brands.

Smart screens, such as the Google Nest Hub and the Echo Show, offer the same functions as smart speakers. But they also have built-in displays. They can act as control centers for your smart home and they can even stream video from your Wyze cameras. In addition, smart screens can act as digital photo frames, video calling machines or miniature Netflix hubs.

If you want a smart home product that Wyze is not yet offering, such as a smart doorbell or a colored smart light bulb, then you have to go to another brand. Or you can just keep an eye on the Wyze update page for new products that the company plans to release in the future (such as the Wyze Lock, a colored Wyze lamp and a smart doorbell).

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