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Two Lenovo IdeaPad laptop deals you don't want to miss


Lenovo Ideapad 330S is a pretty shiny customer.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The risk of repeating myself is the only major feature to look for in any new laptop, a solid-state device. Certainly you will probably end up with a higher price and less storage space than you would get from a system with a mechanical unit, but trust me when I say it is worth changing.

Why? Performance. SSDs run circles around mechanical. Your computer will turn on and off in seconds. It loads software in seconds. Basically, you will not believe in the difference. And with no moving parts, SSD drives run quieter and cooler.

All this takes me to a couple of Lenovo laptops that are a strong 25 percent on Newegg – for a limited time and as long as the supply stops. 19659006] First, the Lenovo IdeaPad 330S 14-inch Laptop is $ 599.99 shipped . Key specifications include an eighth Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Regular price: $ 800.

Look at Newegg

This model also includes two full size USB 3.0 ports (one of which lets you load external devices even when the computer is off), a USB-C- port and an HDMI port.

One thing to note: It has not a touch screen. But personally I have never seen the need for one in a laptop.

IdeaPad 330 has a 180-degree hinge, but not a touch screen. It's incredibly narrow with the built-in optical drive.


Furthermore, Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15.6-inch laptop is $ 499.99 shipped . Here you get an eighth Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Regular Price: $ 670.

Look at Newegg

It has the same port configuration as the 330S, but thanks to the larger chassis you also get a numeric keypad beside the keyboard and – surprise – an optical drive! Yes, you can read and write CDs and DVDs, if that's your thing.

CNET has not reviewed any of these models, and the Newegg Flash sales pages do not show user reviews. I found a smattering of reviews elsewhere, but got for those exact configurations. Also note that Lenovo has its own sales right now, but the same laptops (albeit with hard drives instead of SSD) are more expensive there, so these Newegg versions are definitely the best deals. 19659006] If you spend more time at a desk than on the road, I think about the larger screen (and lower price) of 330. But 330S is about a pound-raiser and has more horsepower, but still gives lots of screen properties

Your thoughts?

  harman-kardon-onyx-studio-4 [19659020] harman-kardon-onyx-studio-4 [19659021] A good new refurb for $ 50- $ 80 less than you would pay for new ones.

Harman Kardon

Bonus Agreement: I have a long-lasting love affair with Harman Kardon speakers, because they are a super-class (and highly regarded) brand that is sometimes infectively sold for cheap.

Today, for example, you can get the manufacturer-refurbished Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 portable Bluetooth speaker for $ 99.99 with free delivery in two days. It has a list price of $ 450, but it's a bit of bunk beds: It sells elsewhere for about $ 150- $ 180.

See it at Harman Kardon

Onyx Studio 4 is remarkable for a couple of reasons. It can play up to 8 hours for a fee. (Previous models ceased after about 5 hours.) It has a built-in audio and echo canceling microphone for speakerphone calls. And it lets you connect two different devices, which is nice if you routinely go back and forth between, say, phone and tablet sources.

With all accounts (4.8 stars from over 1 100 Best Buy customers!) Lets the speaker look great. It also looks nice in my humble opinion. Although renovated, it is quite literally good as new – including one year warranty.

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