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Unrolling a Twitter thread for easier reading «Smartphones :: Gadgethacks

Although tweet storms were part of Twitter from the beginning, threads that make tweet storms more viable did not appear until the end of 2017. Yet it can be difficult to thread multiple tweets at once for long create stories, opinions, tirades and other long Twitter messages. However, you can read them more easily with just one message.

If you are on the first tweet of a thread, you can quickly answer it with a bot and receive a link within seconds, where you can read the entire thread on a single page without interruptions. It is just like devouring each seamless article based on paragraph & # 39; s online. With the Thread Reader bot on iOS, Android and the internet you can make reading long threads ̵

1; with dozens or even hundreds of individual tweets – easier than ever before.

Step 1: Reply to a discussion

If you know which long thread you want to "roll out", the term Thread Reader uses to describe the smoothing of the threads in one coherent article, go to the first tweet of the thread. If you are not the first, scroll up from the tweet you use and tap the top tweet. If you come out of your timeline, there may be a link to "View this thread" next to the tweets group, which you should bring to the first.

Then tap the text field below for "Tweet your answer," and type:

  Roll out @threadreaderapp 

Then press "Reply" to set things in motion.

Step 2: Find the rollable wire link

Almost immediately you would have an automatic answer to your tweet should see the Thread Reader App account. It appears below your answer, but it must also be accessible in your notifications. The bot's reply contains your username, an example of the first tweet and a link to the completed thread. Tap the link to open the Thread Reader app website, where your completed thread exists.

Step 3: Read your Unread thread

Once the link is loaded in the in-app browser, you will see the author of the tweets, when the tweets were posted, how many tweets are in the thread and how long it takes to read through them all. You can then read everything as if you were going through a regular article, in which each tweet is displayed as a paragraph.

At the end of each paragraph there is a paper clip icon, indicating that it is a tweet in the thread. Tap on that or the paragraph that you want to redirect back to Twitter to that specific tweet in the thread.

Other functions of the Thread Reader

Scroll down in the Thread Reader web app to the "article" to view more functions, such as icon sharing, more threads from the current author, related threads and trending hashtags with regarding the thread that you are reading.

If you think the Thread Reader app is something that you often use on Twitter, you can sign up for a free account to add your favorite topics to your favorites, add authors to your reading list, and more .

You can become a premium member of ($ 3 per month or $ 30 per year) and the bot and its developer while you also get some nice features, such as archived PDFs with threads, real-time alerts from your favorite authors, no ads, advanced search, and so on.

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