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Use Apple Music Wrapped to watch your most played songs in 2020 from Apple Music or your iPhone’s library «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

At the end of each year, Spotify analyzes your listening habits from the past 12 months and creates a colorful image featuring your favorite artists, albums, performers and more. Apple Music has its own version called Replay, but it’s just not very good.

Replay lacks Wrapped’s charisma, as well as many of the fun features that make sharing your Spotify history from last year so much fun. With Replay, you won’t find much information about your top song or even your favorite genre, but you can with the Apple Music Wrapped shortcut.

The shortcut gives you more detailed information than Replay, and creates interesting images based on your listening habits. You can save the images created by Apple Music Replay and share them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. Spotify users can̵

7;t have all the fun, right?

Limitations and Requirements

This shortcut is designed to work with Apple Music, but you may be able to use it in your own personal music library as well. If you subscribe to Apple Music, the shortcut can only find songs added to your library and only songs added to your library during the one-year period specified when the report was retrieved. The same goes for your own library, so if you synced all your music years ago, nothing would show up for 2020.

Apart from having tracks added to your music library during the specified year, the detailed report only counts the fully played songs. And if you compile the report multiple times for the same year with the same parameters, you may get different results because of the way the “Find Music Where” action works.

Moreover, the game counts are not just for the year requested as there is no way to filter them this way. But that’s why the shortcut only looks at music you’ve added to your library over the course of the year – to give you a better idea of ​​what new music you’ve been listening to in that year.

As for the requirements, it should work on iOS 13, but we tested it on iOS 14. You need the Shortcuts app (reinstall it if you removed it for some reason) and ‘Allow Untrusted Shortcuts’ is enabled in Settings -> Shortcuts. And as we said before, you need music added to your library in the specified year, either from Apple Music or synced from your computer, but for the latter, all songs in the top ## should not be have an iTunes Store equivalent, it will not be displayed.

Step 1: Download and add the ‘Apple Music Wrapped’ shortcut

Download “Apple Music Wrapped”, created by Reddit user u / federicoviticci, directly from the link below, or check out the Reddit thread for more information.

Once you tap the download link (or click “Get Shortcut” if necessary), you will be directed to the Shortcuts app. Here you can go through the different actions that the shortcut will perform and take notes to help you make better use of the shortcut. Scroll down and tap the red “Add untrusted shortcut” button to add the shortcut to your library.

Step 2: Configure the shortcut

After tapping “Add untrusted shortcut”, you will be prompted to configure a few things before you can use the shortcut. The first is that you choose the year for which you want to generate a report. Of course you want to do it for the current year 2020, but you can also make reports for previous years (2015 and later).

Type “2020” and tap “Continue”. Next, you need to choose the number of top numbers you want in the report. There are 100 numbers by default, but you can reduce this significantly, especially if you want a more compiled report. Click on “Done” and you are done configuring the report.

Step 3: Create 2020 Wrapped & Apple Music Playlist

Now it is time to run the Apple Music Wrapped shortcut and create your visual. In Shortcuts, tap the Apple Music Wrapped card to run the shortcut. The shortcut asks for access to your notifications and your music library when you first run it. Tap “OK” for both to continue.

After a few seconds, the shortcut will ask if you want to create a playlist in the Music app with your best ## songs for 2020. When you create the playlist, you will be prompted to give the shortcut access to music.apple .com and another website, which is needed to compile your playlist. If you tap “No”, you will continue making the 2020 Wrapped.

Then the shortcut will ask if you want to save your report as a PDF to Files or Dropbox. Do this if you want to share it later, or you can tap “No” to see the preview, which you can take screenshots of. I save the PDF in the Downloads folder in Files.

Finally, you can preview the newly created report either from Shortcuts or Safari. I have not had any luck viewing the report in Shortcuts, but I might. If not, choose the “Start Safari” option.

Step 4: View your Apple Music 2020 packed report

In Safari, you should see your 2020 in Apple Music. At the top, you’ll see a collage of album artwork composed of your most listened to songs. If there are songs from the same album, you may see the same album cover multiple times.

Below that is listed the song you listened to the most in 2020, as well as how many times and hours you listened to it. Unfortunately, some of the report may be incomplete. For example, none of my top ten songs appeared (although they will be released later), and neither did my top artists (only my number one artist).

You’ll also see your favorite genre (calculated from your top songs), a nice image of your top nine songs (press the image to save it to your Photos app), and then a list of your most listened to songs, of which the number is for the number you selected when configuring the shortcut (30 in my case). This section lists the tracks as well as the average track length and total duration. You will also see information about the number of hours you listen to these top songs.

If you saved the report in Files, you can also view it there. However, the images can be cropped page by page and the text is smaller, so this version may be a bit more difficult to share online. While I prefer the Safari version, both works.

Step 5: Watch your 2020 zipped playlist in Apple Music

Finally, if you’ve created a 2020 Wrapped playlist, you can view it in the Music app – open Music and tap “Library” in the bottom navigation bar. below Recently added, you should see your new playlist named 2020 Wrapped. Inside you will find your top 25 most played songs, in order of most listened to.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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