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Use the MyUS Shopping app to forward purchases everywhere

Package forwarding services have been very successful in bridging gaps that online shoppers face worldwide. But between buying items and having them shipped, a substantial amount is associated with forwarding those items to your destination. To gauge what this frightening amount is going to be, a package forwarding service, MyUS launched this fantastic integration tool, called & # 39; MyUS Shopping & # 39 ;, which, when downloaded from the App Store, sends your item directly from online stores to MyUS suite and then to your destination without hassle!

This specific app is available in both Google Play Store and iOS App Store and is far too easy to set up and get started! They have more than 1

00 stores embedded in their app from which you can shop (and they always add more!)

Here's how to work through the free package forwarding store app!

If this is not enough, here is a manual!

  1. Download the MyUS Shopping app from the Google Play or iOS App Store
  2. Buy US stores and add items to your MyUS shopping cart
  3. Try it out and pay ZERO US sales tax
  4. We bundle your products in one package to save you money on shipping costs
  5. Choose how you want to send your purchase; via Send to your door – Pay for international shipping directly at checkout and receive the app to process your purchase and send it directly to you OR Management in MyUS Suite – If you & # 39; If you are a MyUS member with an account that allows consolidation, you can manage your MyUS Shopping purchases in your suite and consolidate with other packages to manage international shipping options.

You receive your package! (MyUS delivers worldwide)

The MyUS Shopping app will not disappoint you, as it gives you the option to purchase online stores around the world and have things shipped when such stores do not offer to ship worldwide.

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