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Use the new quick reminder toolbar in iOS 13 to add times, locations, flags and images to tasks «iOS & iPhone :: Gadgethacks

The updated Reminders app in iOS 13 makes productivity a little smoother on the iPhone. The revised user interface makes it easier to find your memories, the new Messaging integration makes it easier to remember tasks related to your contacts, and the new toolbar provides shortcuts to tasks that were once clumsy and confusing.

The new "fast toolbar & # 39; as Apple calls it, is above the keyboard in Reminders when creating items in a list. Allows you to perform specific tasks faster such as location-based and time-based notifications, actions that only were previously possible with a 3D Touch or in the panel Details You can also mark reminders for follow-ups, and add attachments such as photos and scanned documents to a reminder, which are both new in the Reminders app.

Open the quick toolbar

To access the quick toolbar open an existing reminder in Reminders or create a new one, either in one of the four smart lists (Today, Scheduled, All, Marked) ) or in one of your lists below As long as the reminder itself is highlighted (tap the reminder to edit it), the quick toolbar should appear.The four icons on the toolbar, from left to right ts, include:

  • Time / date : you can choose when you want to be notified of the reminder, such as sometime today, tomorrow, at the weekend or a modified date and time.
  • Location : you can choose where you want to be notified of the reminder, such as when you leave or get home, get in the car, get out of the car or reach or leave another destination. [1
    9659006] Flag : with a completely new feature, highlight, you can mark a reminder in the smart list & # 39; highlight & # 39; places to give it more importance. Not to be confused with priority.
  • Camera : also a completely new function, you can add a photo or document to a reminder so that you can take a new photo, choose one from your library and even make a scan. document as a PDF.

Option 2: Set a location for your reminder

Apart from a specific date and time, you can also use your location to receive a notification for a specific reminder. Tap the arrow icon in the quick toolbar to display your options.

You have the choice to be reminded when "Coming home" (location retrieved from Apple Maps, and only if you have set a home address for yourself in Contacts) or "Arrived work" (same but for your work address) or "In the car steps "(when you connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth), and you also have the option to enter a" Custom "location.

If you press & # 39; Custom, "you have more options to choose from, including your current location, exits and any location you type in the search bar at the top. Type a location at the bottom a map with the activation area appears – enter that area physically and you will receive a notification about your reminder.You can change the size of the trigger area by swiping left or right on the black circle with the dotted line.

If you have selected one of the presets, tap one of the buttons in the Location toolbar menu again to remove the address from the reminder. If you have selected "Custom", select "Arrive at home", "Work arrive" or "Get in the car" and run it again. You can also & # 39; Custom & # 39; reopen and then & # 39; Remind me at a location & # 39; Switch off.

Option 3: Mark your reminder

Is there a reminder that you think you might forget, despite notifications? really need to get done? Use the flag icon in the quick toolbar, which places the reminder in the new smart list Highlighted without removing it from other lists in which it already exists. Tap the flag to turn it on and tap it to turn it off. You can also press the & # 39; i & # 39; in the reminder and then & # 39; Marked & # 39; to delete it.

Note that this feature only works if all devices signed in with your Apple ID use the new Reminders app, so that means iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 for iOS devices and macOS 10.15 for Macs. It also works only in iCloud lists, not as reminders in lists that are connected to Gmail, Yahoo, and other email clients. It may also work in the "On my iPhone" lists, but iOS 13 seems to have removed that option for the time being.

Highlighting your memory is different from making it a priority. If you create priority reminders (where exclamation points are placed next to the reminders), they are all reordered in order of priority, but in apps that are synchronized with the list, such as Outlook and Apple Calendar. If you mark the reminder, it will simply be placed in the app's smart list.

Option 4: Add Photos, Screenshots, or Documents to Your Reminder

Finally, we have the camera icon that allows you to take a photo or screenshot of your iPhone. You can even scan a document with your camera and create a PDF. Tap "Take photo" to take a photo with your camera or "Photo library" to select a photo or screenshot in the Photos & # 39; s app. The image appears below the reminder.

The third option, "Scan Document", is one of the best new features in Reminders because it allows you to scan real-life documents and convert them to PDF & # 39; s. Tap "Scan Document" to open the camera and place it above the paper. As soon as the document is recognized, it is automatically added to your reminder (shown at the bottom left). If it is not recognized, tap the shutter button.

To edit the document, tap it in the lower left corner to display options for re-recording, cropping, rotating, deleting or adding a filter to it. When you crop the document, you can move one of the four corners to adjust the size. When you add a filter, you have four options to choose from: Color, Grayscale, Black and White, and Photo (normal).

You can add more than one photo or document to a reminder. To remove them or change their order, tap the reminder, press the info (i) icon and scroll down on the Details page. At the bottom you will see that you have the option to add another image, remove an image (by tapping the red circle icon) or change the order (by pressing the three-line icon on a photo and lifting it up) to move or lower).

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Cover photo and screenshots of Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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