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Use the shortcut keys for cutting, copying and pasting in Windows

Cut, copy, paste and undo – these are four of the most powerful and commonly used commands in any application. When you type, these are shortcuts you need to know, both to save time and to correct errors.

First of all, an important note: most keyboards support the Ctrl / Control hot keys that Windows uses. However, there are some exceptions. For example, the Apple keyboard uses the Command key instead of Ctrl. You may need to change the shortcut keys in the settings or get used to a slightly different layout if your keyboard is a strange man.

For a few other important shortcuts here are some great suggestions for Windows and MacOS. [19659004] Cut (Ctrl + X)

  Cut Shortcut

This cut shortcut has no alternative input ( Shift + Delete was once a thing, but is now used for other commands ). Note that when cutting text, that text is deleted at the target location, but you can paste it several times into other areas, because a version of that text remains on your clipboard. This is a great way to rearrange text in a report or extract information from one area and fill multiple forms with the same data.

Remember that Windows does not automatically save a history of items on your clipboard. If you cut text and then cut a second piece of text, the first content is lost. That is, unless you use one of the newest versions of Windows. The often delayed update of October 2018 introduced an extensive clipboard with history, so you can go back and paste something that was replaced on the immediate clipboard long ago.

Copy (Ctrl + C)

<img src = "data: image / gif; base64. image / copy-shortcut-720×720.jpg "onerror =" dti_load_error (this) "class =" size-large wp-image-1382393 dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending "alt =" Copy shortcut [19659006] Alternatively you can also use Ctrl + Insert Inserting is found on extended keyboards with numeric keys (usually on zero) or next to the Home key, and can be a more useful option if you are too deal with a lot of numeric data and your fingers rarely leave the numeric keypad.

As with clipping, if you are not using a recent version of Windows, make sure you understand when someone is being copied, it replaces what else

Paste (Ctrl + V)

 Paste hotkey

Alternatively you can [1 9459008] Use Shift + Insert which can be more useful if you spend a lot of time on the numeric keypad. The content is pasted everywhere, so make sure you have chosen the right place. Keep in mind that formatting and spacing are often taken over by the text, which can lead to a number of formatting problems when pasting into a new field or form. You can usually copy and paste an unformatted version of the text to prevent these problems.

Undo (Ctrl + Z)

 Undo Shortcut

Undoes the last action you made in your document. When you type, the last part of the text that you have typed is deleted without pausing, which can be quite long. Most Windows applications support repeated undo commands, which means that you can delete your last action, the action before and the action before, and so on, as long as the history of your actions is preserved. With Adobe Photoshop you can do this for example by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Z .

Do not rely on that functionality with every app, because not all apps support it.

Extra tip for working between apps

Cutting, copying, pasting and undoing is usually universal in all operating system apps. In other words, the shortcut keys do the same, whether you are writing an e-mail, completing an Excel spreadsheet, or typing a document in Word.

Online forms and web apps are a bit more hit or miss: many support these shortcuts, but it is not entirely guaranteed. A little experiment can help when you first work in a new app, just to see how these basic assignments perform.

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