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Using discussions on Slack to group conversations

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Slack is a great tool for communication and collaboration in digital workspaces. When it gets busy it is difficult to search through all the information; what is relevant and what is being talked about. Start grouping your conversations into threads and watch the mess disappear.

All conversations you will have with your colleagues in Slack are divided into channels. These channels can be based on the team, the project, the topic or any topic that needs its own special space. Click on one of the channels of the direct messages on the left side of Slack to open that conversation space in your main window.

 Slack DMs

In each channel or message you can type messages as the conversation progresses. Unfortunately, you will soon notice that topics and new posts can get lost over time. To consolidate your conversations under any topic, you want to use discussions. You can start a thread by hovering over a post with your mouse cursor and selecting the "Reply to Thread" button.

 Slack Reply To Thread

This opens a new window to the right of Slack where you can type messages and upload files as you would in a channel. Instead, everything is neatly organized in a thread below that post, rather than in the channel where it can interrupt or delay unrelated conversations. Once a thread is created, you can always return to it by clicking the link below a thread conversation that tells you how many replies there are, when the last one was created, and who responded.

 Slack Reply button

To view your threads in order of the most recent replies, click the "Threads" button in the top left.

 Slack Threads Button

Threads in Slack make it easy to stay productive while keeping digital spaces tidy and organized. Remember these are only useful if you and your team actually use them!

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