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Using FaceTime's group chat on your iPhone to talk to more than one person at a time «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

FaceTime has been around since iOS 4, and year after year everything remained pretty much the same, apart from a few minor changes. In iOS 6, calls over cellular networks were finally possible, and audio-only calls were officially supported from iOS 7. But the only feature everyone wanted since FaceTime was something – group video calls – didn't come until iOS 12.1 for iPhone.

The iOS 12.1 update was released on October 30, 2018. It is surprising that Apple has waited so long to support group video calls in FaceTime when many of its competitors – Skype, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, etc. ̵

1; have had group video calls for a while now. Better late than never, I guess.

After Group FaceTime, only a few more important features emerged, such as Live Photo shooting, which became a regular addition in iOS 12.1.1 and, in iOS 13.5, the ability to turn off auto zoom of contact tiles during Group FaceTime when people are speaking. We show how both functions work below.

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How many users can join a FaceTime group?

There can be a total of 32 users on any Group FaceTime at any time, including you; that means 31 additional users besides yourself. You may be able to invite more than 31 other users, but only the first 31 can join.

Which devices support FaceTime groups?

Any device that supports FaceTime can support Group FaceTime as long as it runs with the correct software. For an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, they must have at least iOS 12.1.4. For a Mac computer, it is macOS Mojave 10.14.1 or higher. If a user doesn't use supported OS versions on their device, they won't be able to group FaceTime, period.

Note that although Group FaceTime first came out in iOS 12.1 and macOS 10.14.1, it currently only works on iOS 12.1.4 and above and macOS 10.14.3 or above, respectively, due to security improvements. Also, only iOS devices with A8X processor or above can use both video and audio during Group FaceTime calls, while A8 and below can only use audio.

With iOS 12.1.4 or higher: [19659002] With iOS 12.1.4 or higher or iPadOS 13.1 or higher:

With macOS Mojave 10.14.3 or higher: [19659013] Recommended Accessory: Lamicall iPhone Stand for Charging While FaceTiming ($ 7.99)

Should Anyone Use Video?

No. If you or someone else starts a FaceTime video group, the video camera can always be turned off for everyone in the conversation. So you can have a mix of audio and video users in any Group FaceTime.

Again, not everyone can use video anyway. If you have an iPhone 5 S 6 or 6 Plus, iPad mini 2 or 3, iPad Air (first model) or iPod touch 6th generation, there is no video option and you can only play audio during group conversations.

How do you start a FaceTime group?

In the FaceTime app, start a conversation like you would for a one-to-one. Tap the + (plus) icon and search for a contact to add. Tap their name when you see them appear. Repeat searching for and adding contacts until everyone in your group is there. If they are blue, they are fair game. If they are gray, they are not iMessage users or running the required software.

When you have selected all the contacts you want to start a Group FaceTime with, select "Audio" or "Video" to start the group conversation. After that you just have to wait for the others to join.

How do you answer a FaceTime group?

When you are invited to a FaceTime group call, you receive a notification asking "Join the FaceTime call." If you are currently using your iPhone, tap the notification. You can also press it firmly with 3D Touch or swipe over it and then tap "Join". When on the lock screen, tap or swipe to the right to open it. You can also press it firmly with 3D Touch and then tap "Join".

How do you reply to one in messages?

When someone starts a FaceTime group with you via Messages, you still get the notification as shown above that you can use to dive right in. However, if you ignore or forget that, you can still participate through the Messages app.

If you are in the main conversation view in Messages, if there is an active Group FaceTime you can join, you will see "FaceTime" with a green camera icon. Open that thread and then tap the green "Join" button to jump in. In addition to this button, there will also be an indication of how many users are currently active in the conversation, be it one person or 30 people.

Unlike the notification method, you cannot turn off the video before you join the conversation, but you can do it right away if you are concerned.

FaceTime group call, the message with the "Join" button will now be displayed instead indicate the elapsed time, which is not the elapsed time of the whole group call, but only the elapsed time for your current session.

What can you do in a FaceTime group?

During a FaceTime group call, many of the same things that apply to regular FaceTime chats work normally, but there are some things that only apply to Group FaceTime.

Basically, you can do everything you could already do in a one-to-one FaceTime audio or video call in iOS 12.0 and older, but the layout is different for a FaceTime group call and you can do more Adding people. [19659048] 1. Enlarge your selfie tile

Your icon remains small in the corner, but you can double tap it to expand it to the front so you can check if you look as good as you think or a clearer picture of what's going on when you play with FaceTime effects.

2. Enlarge other people's tiles

If you are not in the foreground, everyone else's icons will become larger or smaller depending on how active they are in the conversation. If they haven't signed up yet, they'll be little boxes.

You can tap a person's icon to bring them up a little, unless they have not yet joined the conversation. On the front, tap the button with the arrows pointing away from each other on their tile to expand that person to the center of the screen, pushing everyone to the background, locked until you undo it manually. (If you just want to lock someone in the front from the beginning, double-tapping the tile is the quickest way to go.)

To minimize someone from the locked position, tap their tile to open the small menu. and then tap the icon with the arrows pointing at each other, and that person's tile will temporarily become sharp again. It's also faster to just double-tap their tile, as the arrow keys can be a little hard to touch at times.

3 . Taking Live Photos of Someone

You cannot take Live photos of the entire conversation at a time, only one person at a time. To do this, that person's tile must be locked in the middle. So double tap their photo to do just that and then tap the shutter button. If you don't see the shutter button, tap their photo again to open the menu again.

Still not there? They probably aren't running the latest iOS or macOS version since some updates have removed the feature. Either they have disabled the feature so you cannot take Live Photos from it.

If you do see the shutter icon, after tapping it it will indicate that you have taken "a FaceTime photo" which is a Live Photo. You can find them with all your other Live Photos in the Photos app.

5. Prevent Tiles from Adjusting and Moving Automatically

From iOS 13.5, there is a toggle that allows to turn off auto resizing and moving of tiles to focus the person who is talking at the moment. While auto zoom is sometimes good, it can sometimes be a distraction – one you can turn off. To do this, open "FaceTime" in Settings, find the section Automatic Prominence and then set the "Speak" switch to "Off".

Movement when the "Auto-prominence" feature is still on.

How do you add more people to a group of FaceTime?

You're not limited to just the users who were initially invited – anyone in the FaceTime group conversation can invite more people to join. Swipe up the menu bar and then tap "Add person" below the list of invited users. Then search for the desired contact, tap on their name and add more people if you want.

Then select the "Add person to FaceTime" button that appears. All you have to do is wait for them to join. You can repeat this as many times as you want until the maximum allowed 32 people are already in the FaceTime group.

As Someone Who has been invited joined the FaceTime group and for some reason disconnected, you can go back to the swipe menu and a The & # 39; Ring & # 39; should appear next to their name. Tap this and they will get a ring on their device to try again to participate.

How do you end a FaceTime group?

If you are the initiator and no one has participated yet, you can tap the red "X" button on the Group FaceTime to end it immediately for anyone. However, if a person joins the conversation and you get "X" out, the conversation is still open to anyone who was invited to join. The conversation can only be ended for everyone if each user has left the FaceTime group or has not yet logged in.

How do you rejoin a Group FaceTime?

If you ended your session in a Group FaceTime, you could still join the conversation; This can be done through the FaceTime app or the Messages app depending on how the call was started, and it's just like how you would answer a Group FaceTime for the first time.

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