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Using Picture in Picture (PiP) video on an iPad

  iPad Picture in Picture Illustration

Picture in Picture is an iPad multitasking feature that allows you to watch a video (in a supported app) or make a FaceTime call in a small window while using another app . While it is powerful, the only practice is to figure out how it works. Here's how to use it.

What is picture in picture?

Picture in Picture (PiP) shrinks a video or FaceTime call to a small movable window that stays in the corner of your screen while using other apps. It's especially useful when you need to reference a video while working or in situations where you want to continue a video call while using your iPad for other tasks.

  Sample Picture in Picture Window on iPad

Apple first introduced Picture in Picture among other iPad multitasking features in iOS 9, which launched in 2015. It is available on iPad Pro or higher, iPad (5th generation) or higher, iPad Air 2 or higher and iPad mini 4 or higher. All iPad models currently sold by Apple support Picture in Picture.

Not every video app supports Picture in Picture, but official Apple-made apps such as Facetime and Apple TV do. Several major streaming video apps (like Netflix and Prime Video) also support it. You can also play certain videos from Safari in Picture in Picture mode.

Third-party developers must specifically choose to support the feature or it will not work properly. There's no main list of Picture in Picture supported apps, so you'll have to see through trial and error whether your favorite video apps work with it.

Starting Picture in Picture on an iPad

To use Picture in Picture, first open an app that supports it. In some apps (like Apple TV), you can easily launch Picture in Picture by tapping the icon, which looks like two overlapping rectangles with a diagonal arrow pointing down and right inside one of them.

 Picture in Picture Button on iPad

In other apps, you can only start Picture in Picture by returning to the Home screen.

To return to the Home screen, you can press the Home button (on iPads with a home button), or by using a home screen gesture on iPads without a home button. There are two gestures that return to the home screen: pinch five fingers on an app or swipe up from the bottom of the screen until the home screen appears.

Once you start Picture in Picture correctly, the video you are watching (or the video call you are participating in) will turn into a Picture in Picture window in the corner of your screen. You can then launch another app and the Picture in Picture window will remain as an overlay on the screen.

 Picuture in Picture Window Example on iPad

To move the Picture in Picture window, tap and drag to one of the four corners of the screen.

 Motion Image in Image Window on iPad

You can also resize the image in Image Window by performing the pinch / magnify zoom gesture with two fingers. Place two fingers on the video panel and spread or bring them together.

 Resize picture in picture window on iPad

How to use pictures in pictures Video Playback Controls

When playing a video with Picture in Picture (and not making a FaceTime call) , tap the Picture in Picture window once to display three control buttons.

 Picture in Picture Window controls on iPad

From left to right, tapping the first button makes the Picture in Picture video cover the full screen of your iPad (ending Picture in Picture mode). The second button pauses or plays the Picture in Picture video. The third button (the "X" in a circle) completely closes the Picture in Picture window.

Using FaceTime Picture in Picture Controls

If you are using FaceTime in Picture in Picture mode, you can click the Picture in Picture window to show or hide three control buttons.

  FaceTime Picture in Picture Controls on iPad
Apple, Inc.

Tapping the first button from left to right will display the FaceTime call in full screen. from your iPad. The second button ends the FaceTime call. The third button “pauses” your video feed, closes the Picture in Picture window but keeps the conversation open in the background as audio only. You can resume the video feed by tapping the little green conversation logo in the status bar at the top of the screen.

How to hide the picture in the picture window on iPad

Temporarily hide or minimize the picture in picture window, quickly swipe it to the left or right edge of the screen (which edge is closest). It turns into a small tab with a carat-style arrow at the edge of the screen.

 Picture in Picture Window minimized on iPad

To see the Picture in Picture window again, tap the tab, and it will reappear nearby.

Close Picture in Picture on iPad

When you are done with Picture in Picture mode, you can remove the window by tapping it once to display the screen. Then tap the close button (which looks like an "X" in a circle), and the window will disappear.

 Close Button in Picture in Picture Window Controls on iPad

If you & # 39; To close the FaceTime Picture in Picture window, tap the window to display the control buttons. You can return to full screen by tapping the Picture in Picture icon (far left), or the hanging icon (it looks like a telephone receiver in a circle) and the window will disappear.

Learn more about iPad multitasking – or turn it off completely

Multitasking features on the iPad can be very useful if you master them. Because of the nuances of the gestures involved, they need patience and practice to get just right.

But if you prefer to use the iPad as a one-task device, or keep accidentally calling additional app windows or Picture in Picture, you can easily disable multitasking features in Settings.

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