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Using Zoom Escaper, a sneaky tool to get out of your video calls


“It looks like my connection is getting lost, I have to go!” you can now say using Zoom Escaper.

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Tired of the endless parade of Zoom meetings, and the fear they can cause? Enter Zoom Escaper, a tool that can sabotage your own audio call with the urgent sounds of a dog barking, baby crying, construction noise, or wind, giving you the perfect excuse to end a conversation.

Zoom Escaper is free software created by artist and teacher Sam Lavigne. It works through another piece of software called VB-Audio that works under a donation system.

We don’t necessarily recommend downloading free software that isn’t from an app store, so make sure to thoroughly search the software before doing this. We also don’t necessarily recommend forwarding your colleagues the wrong way (although at least one CNET producer has tried), but we do get how exhausting Zoom can be.

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Using Zoom Escaper to get out of meetings early

Lavigne provides a step-by-step instructional video on how to download and use Zoom Escaper on its website. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the Zoom Escaper website.

2. Enable microphone access on the site by clicking the Switch on the microphone button below the first instruction box.

3. Download and install VB cable. Then refresh the Zoom Escaper website.

4. Press on the Get started button. You’ll see eight different audio effects for you to try out: echo, upset baby, wind, construction, poor connection, dogs, man crying and peeing (why you’d want the latter two I’m not quite sure). You can change the volume and some other features such as feedback on some options.

5. Under Output on this page, find VB cable in the drop-down list. Select it and press Get started.

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Look at this:

Weekend Zoom calls have exploded. Here’s how the company …


6. Open Zoom and go to Settings > Audio. Set your microphone to VB cable. below Suppress background noise, select Low. below Music and professional audio, select Show option during meeting …and make sure all the boxes below it are unchecked.

7. Start or join a Zoom call. Go back to the Zoom Escaper site and check the box or boxes for the audio effects you want to add.

8. When you have successfully escaped (or are done with) your meeting, press the Stop button on the Zoom Escaper site. Go back to your Zoom Audio settings and switch your microphone back to the one you normally use.

To remember: When you apply an audio effect to your conversation, you cannot hear it in your own voice, so be careful.

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