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View the latest stories on Facebook to stay up to date «Android :: Gadget hacks

Facebook is where many people receive their news. The problem is? Your Facebook feed is jumbled with random mail times, which is not useful for keeping up with new stories in real time.

Even if you are not looking for news or stories, you may want to see when your Facebook friends post something right away. By using the "Most recent" option when viewing your feed, you can view the messages immediately after they are sent.

Viewing the most recent stories

Viewing your feed on the most recent posts is simple, but might be easily overlooked if you never open your options menu. I've seen people who only use Facebook to browse their feed and don't touch anything else in the app.

To start, open your Facebook feed as usual in the main screen and tap the hamburger menu icon on the right and click & # 39; Most Recent & # 39 ;. Seriously, that's it.

Your Facebook feed will now reorganize itself to show you the most recent messages instead of a jumble of randomly diverse messages. Once you do this, you can even see messages with the label & # 39; just & # 39 ;, which means that you are one of the first people to view the content. Nice! If you swipe down anywhere on the screen, you can also refresh the page whenever you want.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Stephen Perkins / Gadget Hacks [19659011]
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