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What Are Anti-Theft Backpacks And How Are They Different From Regular Backpacks – Review Geek

Thief steals wallet from someone's backpack at a train station
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A quality backpack is a must-have whether you are a student, commuter or traveler. You need something reliable with good organization, and bonus points if it̵

7;s stylish. However, with an anti-theft backpack you can also store your belongings safely.

How do anti-theft backpacks work?

Keep in mind that the purpose of these backpacks is not necessarily to prevent theft, but to make it harder for thieves (although the manufacturers of these bags will try to convince you otherwise). Any thief with sufficient resources and determination can probably get what he wants; However, these bags offer a variety of protective features that will deter or at least frustrate the average thief to the point of giving up and sneaking away.

When thieves target backpacks, there are usually different strategies they use. The least clever can try a clumsy grab-and-run tactic, while others use a little more creativity. Maybe they cut your belt before they grab your bag and walk away with it. Maybe they will stand behind you and discreetly try to unzip your bag and reach in to get everything they can get their hands on. Or maybe they’ll quickly cut open the main compartment of your bag so they can get your valuables out.

Thieves have tons of creative ideas, and many come up with new ones every day, so any countermeasures you can take are worth it. Thieves have a limited amount of time to spot their tracks, assess their risks and make their move. If they can see any kind of countermeasures, they will most likely decide not to bother or give up at the beginning and move on quickly if they do.

Bags that use rip-resistant materials in the body and straps are a good start, as they keep your bag intact and your gear won’t fall out in the event of a knife attack. Some bags are even reinforced with a steel wire liner woven into the fabric for extra protection.

Another popular feature is enhanced zippers that are visually hidden or lockable. If a thief can’t see the zippers on your bag – or if they can see the locks on your zippers – they’re much less likely to try to make a move. Certain bags also have hidden pockets, which has the same effect. If thieves can’t find easy access, they’re less likely to bother.

Other features you may find include locking cables, which provide a secure way for you to loop your bag around a board or chair without giving thieves a way to cut their way through the strap or break the lock. Some bags also offer explosion-proof locks, which, while dramatic, speak for themselves. You may also see things like RFID blockers in these bags, preventing your credit and key cards from being scanned.

What makes anti-theft backpacks different from regular backpacks?

Person walking down a city street wearing a black backpack
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Unlike your back pack, anti-theft backpacks are made with security in mind. How these bags play a role in security varies by manufacturer, but usually they use tactics such as slash-proof or reinforced materials and shoulder straps, hidden pockets or zippers, lockable zippers. They are designed to look uninteresting to thieves and slow down or prevent them from accessing your valuables if they try to access them.

Otherwise, they are no different from a standard backpack. You can still expect multiple pockets or compartments for storing laptops and other items, along with comfortable padded straps and a stylish design to boot.

How much do anti-theft backpacks cost?

There isn’t a tight price range for anti-theft backpacks, but you can find plenty of solid options between around $ 40-125. Overall, though, you get what you pay for with these bags. Typically, the more you can choose, the more anti-theft measures you get (and the more luxuries you get, like extra pockets and nicer materials).

Ready to buy your own anti-theft backpack?

Anti-theft backpacks are a good choice because they look a lot like regular backpacks. They’re just as easy to use as a regular bag, and many offer the same number (if not more) of pockets, clips, and compartments to keep your gear organized. And with the added bonus of protecting your laptop and other valuables, why not switch?

If this sounds like the upgrade you need, check out our top picks below.

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