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What is a clubhouse? The Drop-In Audio Social Network

iPhone user tries clubhouse Drop-in Audio Social Network
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7;s not often there is a real frenzy surrounding a new social media network, but Clubhouse created a real buzz when it hit the spot. So what makes this celebrity-backed social media app special? And what is an audio-only social network anyway?

Clubhouse is exclusive

Part of Clubhouse’s frenzy is the fact that it’s exclusive. Since February 2021, Clubhouse is an invitation-only app that works exclusively on the iPhone. And yet it has amassed millions of users. In fact, some celebrities, like Tiffany Haddish, have more than a million followers.

Clubhouse plans to open registration to the public in the future and has begun development of an Andriod app. Both steps should help Clubhouse become even bigger and more popular.

Clubhouse makes group conversations public

Clubhouse allows you to create different rooms where up to 5,000 users can chat with their voice at the same time. There is no support for video or text chat.

The person who creates the chat room can invite other members to become a speaker or administrator. Rooms can be private or public. If the room is public, anyone can join through a link or the Clubhouse Explore page.

Once you are in a public space, you can quietly listen in, which means that your entry will not be announced to everyone in the space. By default, someone entering the room cannot speak. But if you want to join the discussion, anyone in the audience can raise their hand and room administrators can choose to let you join the chat.

Once the administrator approves, you will be added to the “Speakers” section. If you choose to speak, Clubhouse will visually indicate to everyone in the room that it is you. When you’re done, you can choose to mute yourself.

When you’re ready to leave the room or close the app, you can do so without making a problem. There is no notification when someone enters or leaves a room. The “Keep Calm” button makes this hopping from room to room pretty seamless.

Clubhouse rooms are temporary

As soon as everyone leaves the room or the chat ends, the clubhouse room will disappear too. People can create and leave rooms as they please.

It is striking that nothing in the room is recorded in the app. It’s a lot like a radio talk show. If you didn’t listen to the discussion live, you missed what was being said. Of course, this doesn’t stop users from recording with third-party apps or built-in screen recording tools.

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It’s like Zoom, with a community aspect

At first glance, Clubhouse is eerily similar to Zoom or Google Meet conference calls. You create a meeting (room), participants can join anywhere and they can raise their hands to speak.

Clubhouse takes this trusted approach and gives it a community aspect. After all, it is a social network.

So if you want, you can create your own clubs or groups to talk about technology, books, sports, or basically anything that you and others can enjoy. And as a club owner you can add users and create rooms for different conversations.

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Clubhouse rooms can sometimes feel like podcasts

There are many types of rooms in Clubhouse, but when you join a room full of celebrities, it can feel like a podcast. Or at least a light version of it. This is because you are usually essentially listening in on a telephone conversation between two or three people.

The difference here is: the conversation takes place live using iPhone microphones, over a Wi-Fi or wireless network. There is no fit and finish that you expect in a podcast.

But unlike a podcast, clubhouse rooms are temporary. There is no feed from previous episodes that you can listen to later. And that’s what sets Clubhouse apart.

Clubhouse evolves and grows rapidly

At the time of writing, Clubhouse is still in its infancy and will continue to evolve, especially after it is open to the public. Many clubhouse rooms already hit the 5,000 user limit of the platform during celebrity broadcasts.

If you can get an invite, now is a great time to try out Clubhouse. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s still where you can make real connections with other members by hanging out in different rooms.

Signing up for Clubhouse and using it today is like joining Facebook in 2006 or Instagram in 2011. Things are likely to change over time, but at least you can say you were there from the start.

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