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What is an EIP card and is it legit? Why your stimulus check arrives as a debit card


We now know a little more about that of the third stimulus controls coming in as EIP card.

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If you haven’t registered your bank account with the IRS, it’s probably too late to create another account direct deposit now for you third stimulus checkThat the IRS recently announced all direct deposits are made on March 24 (that’s tomorrow), and Eligible Persons those who have not yet received payment should instead expect a paper check or an Economic Impact Payment debit card (EIP card) by mail.

The EIP prepaid debit card was also used as a payment method for the first and second stimulus controls broadcast in the past year. If you’ve already received your EIP card and are wondering what it is (and whether it is legitimate), read on to see what it should look like, how to issue it, and what to do if you lost it.

And if you still are missing out on incentive moneyyou wonder how much of the $ 1,400 you qualify for, do you think there is one problem with your payment or you just want to know if you should be looking for an EIP card or one paper check, we also have answers to those questions. In addition, here’s what you need to know stimulus controls and SSI and SSDI and older adults how your taxes can affect your total and as a fourth stimulus control can happen.

What is an EIP card and how does it work with incentive payments?

An economic impact payment card is a prepaid debit card that the U.S. Treasury Department has used to distribute incentive payments in addition to paper checks and direct depositThe maps have been issued to some eligible US residents. the government had no bank details before, but it is not clear why you would get an EIP card instead of a check or vice versa.

These Visa debit cards can be used to make purchases, collect cash from networked ATMs and transfer money to your personal bank account at no cost. If you receive one, after receiving the card, go to the EIP card website to activate it and learn more about how to use it.

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When will I receive my EIP card?

The IRS has already sent more than 90 million third party stimulus checks via direct deposit. The IRS and the Treasury Department announced on Monday that they will be sending the next batch of payments this week, many of which will come as a paper check or EIP card. If you did not receive an immediate deposit by March 24, you can expect your payment to arrive by mail “in the next few weeks”.

Here’s more about the timeline for getting your check, and how to track your paymentThe IRS tool will also tell you how your money will arrive. Here’s how you can track your EIP card in the mail with a free USPS service

If I previously received an EIP card, will I now receive more money on that card?

If the IRS has sent a previous stimulus check as an EIP card and plans to send you another payment in the same way, you will receive a brand new prepaid card with the calculated total for your third stimulus checkThe IRS will not add money to a previous card you have, the agency said.

$ 100 bills

You can use the IRS tracking tool online to see if your stimulus check arrives in the form of an EIP card.

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How do I know if my third stimulus payment will arrive as an EIP card?

If you got an EIP card last time, does that mean you will get your money the same way with the third stimulus check? Not necessary. With the second round, the IRS sent double the number of EIP cards. This time, your payment can come in as a paper check or via direct deposit, if the IRS has recorded your bank account information. The Treasury says if you don’t receive your payment by March 24, keep a close eye on the mail for a paper check or prepaid debit card for the next several weeks.

Another wrinkle this time: the third round checks go out during tax seasonThe IRS uses your most recent tax return on file, which is could be your return in 2019 or 2020, to determine your payment

What will my EIP card look like when delivered by post?

If you qualify for a third stimulus check and receive that payment via an EIP card, it will arrive at the address listed on your latest tax return, in a white envelope marked with the seal of the United States Treasury Department. The card has the name Visa on the front and the issuing bank, MetaBank NA, on the back. The EIP card comes with information explaining that it is your economic impact. There is also a return address of “Payment card with economic impact”.

Note that if you have moved, you must do this notify the IRS and USPS of your new addressThe card expires after three years.

During the first round of incentive payments, as the envelope containing the EIP card of the first payment was not clearly marked in some people reportedly threw the letter away without opening it. (If you think this happened to you, we’ve got tips for getting your payment below.)


Your EIP card can hold a lot more money this time.

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How much incentive money can be loaded onto an EIP card at the same time?

Receiving your stimulus payment via an EIP card wouldn’t change this the amount you would receive – it’s just a different format for the same payment.

The amount you would be allocated in a third stimulus check will depend on your AGI, or adjusted gross income, of your tax returns, along with your declaration status (single versus joint) and how much dependent persons you have. The maximum amount that any tax bearer can get is $ 1400This third check is “targeted”, which can make your family a lot more money or much less

You can also find out who counts as a dependent on your taxes, how old one must depend to receive a separate incentive payment and the stimulus check situation for older adults, people in the SSDI program US Citizens Abroad and people living in US territories

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Will the IRS notify me that my EIP card is on its way to my house?

With the first two incentive payments, the IRS sent a letter transfer your money within 15 days to your last known address after the payment has been made. This notice contained information on how you got the money (check or direct deposit or EIP card) and how to report it if you did not receive payment. The IRS will do the same for the third round of payments. But beware: there have been many stimulus check scams go around. Before giving anyone your information, visit IRS.gov to make sure your letter is legitimate.

What should I do if I lose or destroy my EIP card?

If you have lost or destroyed your EIP card, you can request a free replacement through MetaBank customer service. The replacement contribution is waived the first time.

You don’t need to know your card number to request a replacement. Simply call 800-240-8100 and choose the second option from the main menu, according to the IRS website.

I should have gotten an EIP card for the first or second stimulus check, but it never came. What can I do?

If your first or second stimulus check (in any form) never arrived, claim it as one Credit for chargeback discount when you receive your Tax return 2020, now via the May 17 deadlineYou must file your taxes to claim any missing incentive money, even if you are part of the group of non-filers who usually do not have to do this. In some cases – for example, if you a letter of confirmation from the IRS that it sent your money, but your EIP card never arrived – maybe you should report the missing funds or any errors to the IRS

For more information, see if you qualify for the third stimulus check and how to track your payment

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