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What is Patreon and Why Should You Care? – Review Geek

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7;ve probably already mentioned Patreon on your favorite podcast or YouTube channel. And at some point, you’ve probably also wondered what exactly it is, how it works, and why your favorite content creators are always buzzing about it. We’ve dug into every nook of Patreon to sort all this out so you can be in the know.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform that helps more than 200,000 creative professionals earn or supplement their income directly from their most dedicated subscribers to the art they create. Many creators on the site answer this by offering their exclusive Patreon benefits, such as early access to content, shoutouts, live chats or hangouts and other things, which are only accessible to those who donated.

In fact, the word Patreon comes from the word ‘patronage’, which is defined as ‘support, encouragement, privilege or financial assistance that one organization or person bestows on another’. In the past, clients were the main reason that many creative types, such as writers, composers, painters or sculptors, could survive and have enough money to practice their trade.

Patreon is the modern equivalent. It may be the sole source of income for some creators, while others can simply use it in conjunction with sponsorships, advertising, merchandise, tours, and other income-generating options. It’s a way for creators to collect a little extra income that they can spend on future projects that you and other fans can enjoy. It’s similar to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, but with a focus on ongoing support for one maker rather than 60 days of funding for a product.

Donating to a video maker’s Patreon is an easy way to show him how much his efforts mean to you. It shows them that you love what they do so much that you’re willing to spend some of your own hard-earned money on them so they can keep doing what they’re doing, and it makes sure you have more great content from them to enjoy in the future. It is actually a beautiful concept.

Who are the most popular Patreon makers?

The service is popular with creators and influencers of all types, but podcasters and YouTubers are by far the most successful users on the platform. Podcasts such as True Crime Obsessed and Chapo Trap House have more than 35,000 supporters each (the latter earns more than $ 164,000 a month, according to Graphtreon).

Other popular creators of Patreon include big stars like YouTuber Philip DeFranco, musician Talib Kweli and animated educational YouTube channel Kurzgesagt, as well as smaller creators like online entertainers Kinda Funny and including online book group Noname Book Club.

How does Patreon work?

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Simply put, creators can set up a page for recurring donations and offer perks in return, and backers can pledge money to their favorite creators every month and enjoy the benefits offered to them. The profile, reward levels, and benefits of each creator differ, of course, but that’s all part of the fun. You can access Patreon from the web or through the iOS or Android apps.

For clients

If your favorite creator has a Patreon, it’s probably linked somewhere that you can easily access. Otherwise, you can easily search for a Patreon to support on the site. Once you find one you like, it’s easy to review all of the available pledge tiers (along with the rewards for each) and make a decision.

Make sure to check what billing type a creator uses before signing up: monthly or per creation. This way, you will get an idea of ​​how often you will be billed and budget accordingly. Monthly means that you will be charged a fixed amount each month (and receive the associated benefits). Per-creation means that you will be charged when the creator releases a new creation. The payment is not set to withdraw regularly.

Example of Patreon membership levels

You can view the description of the selected tier, applicable sales tax, and subscription renewal date before completing your payment. Patreon gives you the option to cancel or change your membership level at any time.

For makers

Whether you’re creating podcasts, comic books, music, illustrations or anything else, Patreon makes it easy to connect with your fans and earn enough money to keep doing ‘what you do’. The site is also bot, ad and troll free, so you can focus on your fans without worrying about fake profiles causing you grief.

You have two billing options to choose from when setting up your page: your customers monthly or per individual creation. Monthly is the most common option chosen as it gives you a steady flow of cash and offers benefits that your customers can enjoy on a regular basis. It is the best choice for most creators, especially those who release new content daily or weekly.

The per creation option, on the other hand, means you charge your lenders every time you release something new. For example, at the $ 2 tier, backers pay that every time you release a new video, so if three videos are released in a month, they’ll pay a total of $ 6. It’s a better choice for those who only release once per quarter. release something.

You can also set multiple donation levels for your customers to choose from. These can range from budget-friendly $ 1 or $ 5 levels to $ 1,000 + levels for high rollers, depending on what you’re comfortable with and what your goals are. With a large number of tiers, it is easy for lenders to choose an amount that they are comfortable with. Plus, with rewards on offer at every level, it can entice your customers to pay a little bit more to get a cool perk.

It’s completely free to get started with Patreon as a creator. You will not be charged until you start earning on the site. You can then sign up for one of the platform’s three pricing plans: Lite, Pro and Premium. Each charges you a different percentage (along with the standard payment processing fee), but in return offers you a variety of tools and options.

Quote from a creator of Patreon

The Lite plan costs 5 percent of your monthly Patreon income and gives you a hosted creator page, user communication tools, and Patreon workshops. It’s the most lightweight plan, with “easy tools to set up recurring fan support”, and is ideal for smaller creators and beginners.

The Pro plan takes up 8 percent of your monthly Patreon income, gives you everything from the Lite plan, and gives you “everything you need to build a thriving membership business that provides meaningful income for you and a rewarding experience for your biggest fans. ” This plan includes the membership levels, analytics and insights, special offer promotion tools, creator-led workshops, unlimited app integrations, and priority customer support.

Finally, the Premium plan costs 12 percent, gives you everything from the Pro plan, and offers “dedicated coaching and support for established creators and creative companies, plus premium features that save time and reward your customers.” At this level, you get a dedicated affiliate manager, membership merchandise and team accounts.

Each plan includes business tools, flexible payouts, creator first education, and built-in user support. It also includes the ability to connect directly with your customers and a handy mobile app for iOS and Android (so you can manage your account even when you’re away from your computer). It also offers custom RSS feed support and Discord integration.

Patreon supports recurring billing, fixes failed payments, provides fraud protection and handles customer inquiries. It also offers flexible processing fees. The default rate is 2.9 percent + $ 0.30 per successful payment greater than $ 3, and the micropayment rate (for successful payment of $ 3 or less) is 5 percent + $ 0.10. However, payments from customers outside the United States using PayPal will incur an additional 1 percent surcharge.

One final thought

online donate key on computer keyboard
pixelliebe / Shutterstock.com

To customers, Patreon is clear: support your favorite creators and help fund their future projects for you and other fans to enjoy. You can rest easy knowing that your favorite artists can live comfortably and have the resources to keep producing what you love.

For creators, Patreon offers you a unique way to connect with your most devoted fans, as well as a different income stream to help you keep the lights on and continue creating your beautiful art. It also means you are less dependent on other marketing companies, such as merchandise and YouTube ads.

Clearly, everyone benefits from Patreon. It’s a great way to keep the arts alive and even build a community around the best creatives.

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