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What is the difference between a carving pumpkin and a pie pumpkin? – LifeSavvy

  variety of pumpkins and squashes laid out for an autumn display
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You went to the pumpkin plaster to choose the perfect shape and size for your carving extravaganza, but is this the same type of pumpkin that you would use for baking?

There is in fact a difference between a pumpkin that you cut and a pumpkin that you can eat. Learn all about what distinguishes these two types of winter squash, and whether or not you can use them interchangeably.

What is a carving squash?

Carving pumpkins are used to make fun or scary jack-o & # 39; lanterns. They have a much thinner outer shell and less meat on the inside. That makes them easier to cut and create all kinds of fun and creepy designs.

You will also notice that they are stricter than pie pumpkins and contain more water, making them less ideal for making sweet treats. So choose the most gigantic pumpkin you can find and get your cutting tool out because Halloween is almost here!

What is a pie pumpkin?

  A pie pumpkin in the middle, with a basket of gourds and a large carving pumpkin in the background.
Emilee Unterkoefler

Cake pumpkins are used for cooking or baking and are also called sugar pumpkins. They are petite and are often used to decorate or paint instead of cutting. Although they have a cute home decor, they are best when roasted in the oven and baked in your favorite fall desserts.

You can find sugar pumpkins in the supermarket or at a farmers market. They have more meat, are not as fibrous as carving pumpkins, and contain less water, giving them a sweeter and more delicious taste.

So if you have baking plans, grab a few sugar gourds and preheat that oven. Roasting a pumpkin can be done in just a few simple steps.

Can you use one for the other?

You are of course more than welcome to use a large carving pumpkin to roast and puree, but we do not recommend it. Because the larger pumpkins are full of water, you must remove all that liquid before making most dishes.

Cutting pumpkins do not contain as much sugar as pie pumpkins, so they are not ideal for all the sweet treats you will want to make. The thicker amount of pumpkin meat in a sugar gourd is exactly what you want and need.

We would not recommend that with regard to cutting a sugar squash. Sugar pumpkins are denser and have thicker skin, making carving more difficult and dangerous. For safety reasons, remember carving pumpkins, well, carving.

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