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What it does and how you can see it for yourself

Android 11 logo stock photo on smartphone 10

If you have a phone with Android 11, you can use it to see Android 11’s Easter egg. The Easter egg is a fun way to pass some time and perfect for people who love cats.

Plus, the Easter egg continues Android 11’s subtle references to the classic comedy movie This Is Spinal Tap. It shows a dial that you can turn ‘up to 11’. Once you do that, a cute little cat Emoji will appear, which is a clear reference to the Nougat Easter egg.

Read everything you need to know about the Secret Feature and how to see it for yourself below!

What is an Android Easter Egg?

Outside of literal definition, the term “Easter egg” is used to describe hidden functions in software. Almost all versions of Android have had special Easter eggs that can always be accessed via a standard method.

Easter eggs are completely unnecessary and not essential for using your phone. They exist solely as a fun way to communicate with your smartphone or tablet.

Android 11 Easter egg

When you first access the Easter egg, you will see a clock face with ten stops. If you turn the dial past the tenth stop and go to 11, a little cat Emoji will appear at the bottom of the screen, above the navigation bar. However, tapping the Emoji doesn’t do anything, but it’s a hint at another change that has been made.

After seeing the cat Emoji, you can go to the power menu to find a new minigame. Press and hold the power button to open the menu, then tap the three-button overflow menu next to the home controls section. Tap ‘Add controls’ and then ‘View other apps’ at the bottom of the screen. Tap “Cat Controls” then select the water bubbler, food bowl and toy to add these options to your power control menu. These controls allow you to lure cats to your device. Each cat that appears has a different number and color, and you’ll see your new friend in the notification shade. Refill your food and water regularly and a cat may appear!

If you remember, the Android 7 Nougat Easter Egg also had a similar system. However, that feeding system took place in the Quick Tiles instead of the power menu.

Don’t worry – you can still access your smart home controls in the energy menu. Just select the Cat Controls option right below the Google Pay card, then select Home.

Now that Google is pulling treat names away from the official releases, it’s good to know it’s keeping this tradition alive.

How to see Android 11’s Easter egg

If you have Android 11 installed on your phone, here’s how you can see the Easter egg itself.

  1. Go to Android Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap About Phone.
  3. Find your Android version in this section and tap it.
  4. On the Android version page, tap the ‘Android version’ setting a number of times (with the 11 below it). Eventually the Easter egg will appear.

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