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What to do if you accidentally liked a photo on Instagram «Smartphones :: Gadgethacks

Liking someone's really old Instagram post becomes & # 39; deep-licking & # 39; which is quite appropriate if you think about it. As you go "deep" into older posts on your ex or crush's feed or whoever, your finger may accidentally slip and double-tap a photo or video that you'd rather not let you know you're watching. [1

9659003] Have you been there? Done? Mm-hm. It happens to us the best, but it doesn't really matter.

There is an effortless way to prevent your ex – or whoever is lurking – from knowing that you have just spent the last two hours combing every detail of their online Instagram life.

So what are you doing? The first is the first, immediately as opposed to the photo or video! Tap the heart icon to take it back (double tap again does not work). It cannot be emphasized enough: the sooner you, unlike the media, the greater the chance that you will not get caught.

Image by Little Mix / Giphy [19659007] Now scroll to the top of the user's feed and like the most recent photo he posted . Now, at least, when that person receives a notification that you liked one of his messages, he will not go back to those from 50 weeks ago, but to his most recent one. However, if you are super fast at not liking the post, you may not have to like a new post.

Again: unlike the old post quickly + as a newer post after that.

By doing the above, you save a lot of paranoia and in some cases you also prevent you from looking like a total creep. Even if the person is the most recent photo of two weeks ago, there is a good chance it means they don't regularly monitor their IG activity or have notifications turned on, which means you are still in your way.

Of course, if it's your ex, their new girlfriend, an old boss, the rabbit from Mike Pence or with whom you'd rather not interact, you just have to accept that that person will know that you liked it their photos & # 39; s. Unless you are fast enough once again not to like that you like a newer post to make up for it. In that case, they may never see anything.

But with the unequal-and-then-as-a-newer post-trick – the only way to hide the accidental like – the person who stalks you on Instagram will find out that you have seen an image or video of weeks , months or years ago. Once you don't like the old content and cover your tracks by loving a more recent one, your deep-like disappears from their activity, making the whole look more natural and saving you a lot of face.

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