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When is Black Friday? Plus 4 other things you should know


Buy Black Friday deals early.

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Black Friday is November 27 this year, that̵

7;s less than a week away. But here’s the thing: Black Friday offers have been going on since mid-October, making the day itself less important this year. Not to mention, many stores aren’t even open on Thanksgiving evening leading up to the big day. Instead, retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Do-it-yourself shop and Walmart choose for early Black Friday deals, putting some of their best sales online.

The changes this year are in effect to prevent shoppers from potentially gathering in stores which causes the coronavirus to spread. Instead, you can avoid the crowd and buy the same sale from the comfort of your couch.

Here’s What You Should Know Black Friday shopping this year.

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Tricks to save extra on Black Friday and Cyber ​​…


What early Black Friday deals are there now?

While there are plenty of deals out there right now, the “real” Black Friday sales and price drops are set to intensify from the weekend of November 20-22. In the meantime, you can find the best deals here:

Amazon lowered its prices on Amazon Echo devices and Best Buy has lowered prices small kitchen appliances, like TVs and laptops.

You can find sales at The Home Depot site, from refrigerators to tools. Walmart’s deals include vacuum cleaners, TVs, routers and more.

Avoid crowded areas and long queues in stores

Do you really want to camp for hours or wait in line for Best Buy to open? Of course not. By staying at home, you can sit on your couch with a hot cup of tea and just hit Buy when the time comes. You don’t have to rush to the stores just to get the $ 99 AirPods what you’ve been waiting for.

Many stores realize that people are not willing to accept their exposure to the coronavirus for a cheap tv, so they put their Black Friday deals online early. So far we are seeing deals from Amazon, Walmart, Do-it-yourself shop and Best Buy. We update the list as soon as we hear new deals from other stores.

The online deals are often just as good

To avoid a large crowd in stores, some retailers offer the same, if not better, deals online. Best of all, you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to buy what you’re looking for, as many stores have started selling early (see below). Look carefully at advertisements and newspaper circulars for in-store disclaimers. Walmart has those for many of its ultra-cheap Blu-ray deals and even some TVs, but the vast majority of other sales are available online.

Not to mention, there’s a good chance you can use promo codes online and save even more. For example, a store may offer a one-time discount for signing up to receive their emails. (You can always unsubscribe at a later date.)


Get early Black Friday deals from Best Buy.

Angela Lang / CNET

Early risers are more likely to get what they want

If you shop early, instead of waiting to get to the stores, you’re more likely to get hooked on what you want. In addition to the normal holiday shortages, COVID-19 is still impacting supply chains, meaning that later in December supplies may not be as robust as normal. Make sure you know when the product will go on sale so you can grab it before it’s gone. You can also add it to your cart ahead of time and make sure you are logged into your account on the store’s website.

Just remember that if you are buying a gift for someone else, know these rules first.

For more Black Friday tips, read this before buying a tech gift this holiday season. Plus, this Amazon shopping hack can save you money all year round and Google offers pricing and availability for Christmas shopping.

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How to Get the Best Deals on Black Friday


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