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Where to Buy Xbox Series X: Retailer Updates to Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and More

Unless you’ve spent time on Mars with the Perseverance robber, you know that the Xbox series X (and its little sister, the Xbox Series S) launched on November 10 last year and sold out immediately. Since then it has sold out more or less constantly, with one major exception. At the moment, the Xbox Series S is available at GameStop, where you can pre-order the console for delivery on March 1

2. That’s in a few weeks, but it’s a much better deal than other retailers where you can’t order one at all.

The crushing demand for the Xbox is due in part to its advanced specifications (the Xbox Series X may support screen resolutions up to 8K and a refresh rate of 120Hz, for example) despite the fact that the gaming experience on the Series X isn’t very different from what you get. already getting with an Xbox One, at least for the moment. Of course, as the library of Series X optimized games grows, that will change. Are thoroughly future-proof? Buy the $ 500 Xbox Series X. But if you don’t have a 4K TV – and don’t plan on getting one anytime soon – the Xbox Series S can save you $ 200



Regardless of which model you plan to buy, inventory is virtually impossible to find right now, with the one exception being GameStop. Since launch, most major retailers have stocked up and dropped consoles in bursts that tend to sell out in minutes. Check here regularly for the latest updates on this restocking. You can also track the availability of Xbox yourself; Twitter is a popular (if not entirely reliable) source of new stock rumors. But here at CNET, we occasionally get word directly from retailers and other informers about upcoming stock replenishments, and when we do, we’ll immediately distribute it.

This is true: it will take months for anything approaching normal inventory levels to show up in stores, so getting your own Xbox for the summer will likely be challenging. Microsoft recently confirmed that stock will be short through June

Here’s a list of all the major retailers (and high-profile resellers) where you can track inventory and availability.

Options for replenishing Xbox Series X

This is the product page for the Xbox series on GameStop.

You can find both the Xbox Series X and the cheaper Series S on the same Amazon product page.

Here you can find the Xbox Series X at Best Buy (when the stock goes down).

You may also want to visit the store’s Xbox landing page to see both new consoles, but here’s the product page for the Xbox Series X.

If you want the latest Xbox Series X news, there’s probably nowhere better than Microsoft’s own Xbox Series X homepage.

This is Target’s product page for the Xbox Series X.

Here you can buy the Xbox Series X from Newegg if the retailer has stock.

We highly recommend that you wait for stock to appear at regular retailers so that you can purchase an Xbox Series X at its regular retail price. But if you just can’t wait, keep in mind that the average price of the Xbox Series X on eBay is about $ 800.

Are you willing to pay a premium of hundreds of dollars over the list price? We don’t recommend this, but StockX is a reputable eBay-style site that lets you buy a new Xbox – as long as you’re willing to pay $ 600 or more.

This story is regularly updated with the latest Xbox Series X inventory news.

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