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Where to find cheap gifts this holiday season

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Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday and actually selling an entire month makes spending too much money these holidays easy. The National Retail Federation estimates that the average American will spend more than $ 650 in gifts this year.

It is easy to hurry your vacation destinations without thinking about your selections. But consider giving gifts that your loved ones will enjoy, rather than the first thing that appears in your search results. Here are a few ways to find cheap yet meaningful gifts this holiday season.

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1. Chase through thrift stores

One person's trash can is another person's treasure, and there is no better place to find treasures than thrift stores.

From works of art to appliances, books to plates, kitchen utensils and even furniture – you have free-hand second-hand stores. You can find great products for a small percentage of what it would cost you new. A few years ago I scored a record player for $ 20. (A brand-new record player would have cost me more than $ 100 at the time.)

Depending on the wishes and needs of your family and friends, you might not find everything in one second-hand store . But you may find many things for many people if you have a general idea of ​​who likes what. It is OK to take your time and visit several. The less you rush, the brighter you are with your selections.

You can also try consignment stores as an alternative, but those products can cost more compared to second-hand stores. Garage sales, garden sales and other types of home sales are also a good place to find treasures. But you will find that you are digging more than you have time for these holidays.

If something that is used softly makes you uncomfortable, consider choosing items that are vintage or otherwise hard to find. Your friends and family will appreciate you doing your best to find a special and unique gift.

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2. Browse through your own home

If you've ever received a gift that you didn't like or need, there's a chance that it's in the back of your closet or garage, waiting to be home forever.

Candles that you don't have & # 39; such as slippers that were not your style, or board games that you know you will never play, are good to pass on to others. Some see "registering" as a taboo, but if it is done in a respectful way, it's okay to do it.

Be careful not to regulate things that you have used or washed. It is good to give things that still have tags or wrap them around. Even if you have had it on a shelf for years, it should still look relatively new when you pass it on to someone else.

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3. Organize a party with white elephants

A great way to unload your unwanted gifts is to pass them on to others. A white elephant party is when each participant brings in at least one unwanted, wrapped gift.

How you play the game can be different for different families, friends or offices. Players draw a number to see in which order they will select their gift. After the first person chooses and opens his gift, those who follow can choose another gift from the pile or "steal" it from those who came before them. If your gift is "stolen", you can steal it from someone else or take another gift from the pile and open it.

Some groups will limit how much "you steal" or receive a certain gift. For example, if a gift is popular and is always stolen, you can set the stems at three. In the end, however, the starting point is the same: you can unload unwanted gifts and instead pick up something that you like – all without buying gifts and spending extra money.

4. Browse sales, not advertisements

If you have a particular gift in mind, it's a good idea to compare many different Black Friday ads to see which stores offer you the best possible deal . But if you don't have a specific product in mind, walk to the sales paths instead.

The sale of normal items that are not a popular commodity this holiday season can arouse your interest more than other gadgets, gadgets, and other seasonal sales. If you shop online, look at warehouse offers, daily offers or clearance sections.

5. Give food instead

Small tokens of appreciation are fun and you don't have to spend much on them. Dry goods with a recipe card, sweets and special chocolate are friendly ways to give to others without getting broke. You can also consider keeping a potluck where food is exchanged, not as a gift.

Not all gifts need to be extravagant or expensive. Instead of going through all the people you have to buy and the big gifts to buy them, you limit yourself. Make your list only available to the people you care about and set a budget for for how much you can spend this year. Meaningful gifts, although inexpensive, are much more thoughtful than anything that you have bought, just to check a name from a list.

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