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Why don’t I have my third stimulus check yet? 9 possible payment problems and what to do about them


The delivery of the third stimulus check is in full swing. What does it mean if your payment still hasn̵

7;t arrived? And what can you do about it?

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If you are not one of the estimated 30 million of whom the third stimulus controls go out this week and this weekend, you may be wondering what the delay is with your $ 1,400 paymentIf you like it IRS tracking tool and it says your stimulus control should have arrived, you received one smaller incentive payment than you expected or it doesn’t arrive at all, something else is probably going on.

If you expect your payment to arrive as a direct depositMarch 24 was the close for that payment method – unless you receive SSI, SSDI or veterans benefitsFor everyone else it will be incentive money arrive by post as a paper check or EIP debit card (you can track with the USPSEach group also has its own eligibility rules – so if you have a older adult, a younger adult or a nonfiler, brush up on those details. like you had a baby, claim newly qualified dependents or are part of one family with mixed nationality, that could also make a difference, especially if checks go out during tax season the calculation process

We’ll tell you a few reasons why your third incentive payment is likely to be held up, and how report a problem with your check (the IRS doesn’t want you to call)We also have guides how to claim a missing payment and what we’ve heard about one so far fourth stimulus controlHere are all the ways you could get more money back on your taxes this year, and how eligible families with children would be one child discount up to $ 3,600 per qualified childThis story has been updated.

Your incentive payment has not been sent to the correct bank account

The problem: You signed up for direct deposit, but your check has not arrived. Why? It is possible that your incentive payment has been deposited into the wrong bank account. Perhaps your account has been closed or an EFT attempted for a temporary bank account, such as one used on behalf of millions of people who have used a tax preparer such as Jackson Hewitt, TurboTax, and H&R Block. While the latter issue has not been widely reported, it affected the first and second payments.

What to do: Contact your bank or tax advisor to see if an attempt has been made to fund your account. Ask if they have an internal protocol to file a report or contact a representative who can help.

What now? If you did not receive a direct deposit by March 24 (the official date), your stimulus payment will arrive by mail. Here’s how follow the payment to your mailboxThe IRS does not allow individuals to register for new direct deposits or correct inaccuracies. If your third stimulus check never arrives, here are these all the ways you can try to fix the problem

Did you add your direct deposit account information when submitting your 2020 taxes?

The problem: You have filed your taxes for 2020 and signed up for direct deposit for the first time or corrected your bank information, but the IRS did not transfer stimulus funds to your account on March 24.

Why? The IRS may not have processed your tax return and information before sending your third incentive payment.

What now? Track your tax return for 2020 to see what your status is. If your direct deposit doesn’t drip within a few days of the March 24 due date, you’ll want to keep an eye on the email for a paper check or EIP debit cardAlso use the IRS Check Tracking Tool to see when your stimulus payment will be sent.

The IRS does not know your current address

The problem: You moved in 2020 and the IRS (and maybe USPS) doesn’t know your new address. Or you received Social Security benefits on a Direct Express card (PDF), recently closed your account, and the IRS doesn’t have your correct address to re-issue the payment as a paper check or EIP debit card

Why it matters: If you received a direct deposit, but you need to claim additional incentive money later and you have it letter of confirmation that the IRS sends to recipients, you’ll have to jump through more hoops later. Or, if you are waiting for your stimulus, check the email, you may have to keep waiting if there is a problem with the forwarding. Likewise, if you’ve closed a Direct Express account and the IRS doesn’t have your current address, it won’t know how to route your payment.

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What now? If you think you are receiving payment by mail, let the IRS and USPS know as soon as possible what your new postal address is. If your check doesn’t get processed right away, you may have plenty of time. Otherwise, you may need to claim a catch-up allowance later in 2021 or even in a year during the 2022 tax season.

USPS delays prevent your check from being delivered

The problem: The IRS is currently sending a second batch of 15 million paper checks and 5 million EIP debit cards in the mail. However, a delay in the postal service can cause some payments to be delayed.

What to do: You can do the best track your payment online with the IRS and sign up for Informed delivery with the USPSThis free service scans your mail and tracks when each envelope or package has been delivered. Make sure you know what the paper check or EIP debit card looks so you don’t accidentally throw it away.

What now? If your check doesn’t arrive after a few weeks, you may want to Brush up on your options by using the IRS. Unlike with the initial check, the agency doesn’t welcome phone calls, but you have a few steps, including submitting one payment trace

You have some – but not all – of your incentive payment

The problem: You have received a stimulus check, but the math doesn’t seem to workAre you missing money? The IRS may owe you more money based on your 2020 tax return (including your AGI) but you paid based on 2019 or the latest information it had. Maybe the agency didn’t know about one new dependent, or there was a calculation error.

What to do: Use our stimulus calculator to estimate how much money you could owe something. The IRS tracking tool does not provide that level of information, but the letter the IRS sends youIf there is a big difference between the amount you think you should receive and the total you received, it could mean that you can claim more incentive money in 2021 or 2022.

What now? First, keep that letter for your tax returnYou will need it later. Then stay tuned for new information on how to submit a makeup payment. If the IRS thinks it sent you your total, but you didn’t receive a check at all, you may need to get a payment trace

Your payment may have been seized

The problem: Could it be your money garnished by private collection agenciesThe first check was susceptible to seizure of many varieties, even if you owed something arrears for child support paymentsThe latter did not apply to the second payment, except in cases where the recipients did not receive a check and a Credit for chargeback discount on their taxes. For the third check, private debt collection agencies may seize your incentive payment.

What to do: If you think there has been an attack or a mistake, you should first contact your bank or credit union. You may have one small time frame to hold the attack

You may have accidentally tossed the envelope with your payment

The problem: On the first payment, some people reported accidentally throw it away the envelope with their check, without acknowledging that there was an incentive payment inside.

What to pay attention to: Pay attention to the email and don’t assume it’s all junk. We advise keep track of your USPS letters for a warning about what is being delivered. For a paper check, look for a white envelope sent by the United States Treasury Department. The memo field says “Payment with economic impact”.

A prepaid EIP debit card Comes in a white envelope with a seal from the United States Treasury Department. As soon as you open the envelope, the card itself will have Visa on the front and on the back the name BetaBank NA, the name of the bank. The envelope contains details on how to activate the economic impact payment.

What now? You can cash the check right away, but the 5 million EIP card recipients must activate the card first. The checks expire after one year.


Let the IRS and USPS know if you have moved.

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You could have been scammed from your payment

The problem: You think someone swiped your stimulus check or stole personal and sensitive information while posing as a government agency contacting you about your direct payment.

What to do: We have a guide for that how to guard against and how to report these attacksKeep in mind that the IRS has a confirmation letter to let you know that you have received a check and for how much.

You are not eligible for the third stimulus check

The problem New income limits to your AGI mean some people who were eligible to receive the first two payments do not qualify for the third checkIf you get a 2019 incentive check for more money than you qualify for your 2020 taxes, you do not have to return the money (in most cases)If your taxes for 2020 mean that you qualify for more money than you will receive, you can claim compensation.

What to do: Brush the stimulus check requirements, including by calculating the total of your stimulus checkThen compare this figure with what you actually receive. A new change this time means that if your income is above the limit, you will not receive a partial check – it does not matter how many dependents you have.

If you’re trying to find out the status of your stimulus check, here’s what we know who qualifies how much you could expect and any tax benefit or payment you could get in the stimulus account

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