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Windows 10: How to use Windows Timeline

  Screen shot of Windows Timeline activity history page

Windows timeline has been around for more than a year, but it remains a little known feature among informal PC users. Allows you to view up to 30 days past Windows activity, including visited websites and opened files, and go back to previous tasks – it even works on multiple devices.

In this article we show you which Windows timeline is and how to use it.

Accessing Windows Timeline

Anyone with a Microsoft account and a Windows 10 system with the April 2018 or later update can use Windows Timeline, but it may not always be active by default. To enable this, visit Settings ( Win + I )> Privacy > Activity history and check My activity history save to this device .

If you check this, Windows can save a week of activities. If you want the full 30-day history, you must also select the "Send my activity history to Microsoft" check box.

  Settings for Windows Timeline Activity History. How to use Windows Timeline.

This transmits Microsoft information about how you use your device and the apps you use, so that it can, among other things, provide a more personalized experience. You can find more information about this in the company's privacy policy, but you can be more or less familiar with it, depending on how serious you are about user privacy.

More posts about microsoft-windows-10 [19659012] Anyway, this box must also be checked if you want to use Windows Timeline on multiple devices so that you can continue with tasks that are on another machine started. It even works for some Windows apps on non-Windows systems such as Android and iOS.

Using the Windows Timeline

After you have turned on the Windows Timeline, it must be filled with items while you use your device. It is accessible with the Win + TAB shortcut or via the taskbar icon next to the search box (circled below). If the icon is not there, right-click on the bar and left-click on the "show task view" button to reveal it.

  Windows timeline taskbar icon screenshot

When you start the timeline, you will find rows of tiles with your Windows actions from the past 7 to 30 days . These are displayed in chronological order, so you can scroll down to dive further into your history, or you can use the search box at the top right to look up something specific.

This area does not contain any any recently used application or task, just a snapshot. It does not show any recently played Spotify playlists or games that are being played on Steam, but it may include, for example, previously edited Photoshop images that were previously opened or specific websites that have been opened (those viewed in incognito or private mode are not displayed here).

  Screenshot of the Windows Timeline activity history page. Using Windows Timeeline

You can then click on one of the tiles to reopen the relevant application – whether it is a web browser, program or something else – and load the same content. [19659004] Only six tiles from previous days are shown in the main view, but you can explore others by clicking the "view all activities" button for that day. This is placed next to the date sub-header on the left side of the page, as long as more than six events can be displayed.

Timeline items can be deleted by right-clicking and hitting Delete while you can delete all items of a single day by right-clicking on a tile from that period and then clicking the button Delete all . Removing tiles does not affect the application they match in any way, it just means that you will no longer see that event in the timeline.

  windows timeline history screenshot

Today's tiles are displayed at the top of the timeline, although they behave differently from entries from the past. If you click on one of these with the left mouse button, they will still open, although you have a few extra options in the right-click menu.

These include aligning the image to the right or left for multi-window mode, as well as options for moving them to different desktops. You can find more information here about multiple desktops in Windows 10.

  Windows Timeline activity history. How to use Windows Timeline.

How do I clear my Windows Timeline history?

You can clear the Windows Timeline history for your account by going to the Settings > Privacy > Activity History page and click the button Delete at the bottom. To completely stop using the timeline, clear all boxes in the same window and set the slider Show activities from these accounts to the "off" position.

We hope this brief guide helped you figure out how to use Windows Timeline! Do you want more Windows 10 hacks? Don't miss these Windows 10 Start Menu tips and tricks.

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