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Windows 10 installation process gets ads for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass ad during the Windows 10 installation process.

First Candy Crush and now this: Windows 10 will soon be begging you to set up a $1 subscription (recurring at $10 a month) while you set up a PC. Don’t want an Xbox Game Pass? Are you sure you want to say “No thanks”

; and just use your new PC?

This latest news comes from Albacore, which has a track record of finding many new features in Windows 10 before they become public knowledge. As of June 2021, it is likely that this new “feature” will be tested in Insider builds of Windows 10. As usual, the feature may change or never see the light of day.

While setting up a new PC, you may see a “Discover Your Next Favorite Game” page asking you to click “Join for $1.00” or say “No Thanks” to this great offer.

Sure, only the first month is $1. The service actually costs $10 per month, which is a pretty standard tactic, but somehow feels cheap when integrated into the Windows 10 installation process.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC service isn’t bad actually. For a monthly fee, you get access to a library of games and play them whatever you want. They run locally on your PC. Some people will get a good price out of this subscription, but is the Windows 10 installation process really the place for another ad?

At least Candy Crush is gone. Small victories.

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