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Would you buy this PlayStation 5 made of brass? – Review Geek

A Brass PlayStation 5 on a wooden desk.
DIY benefits

If you could really get your hands on one, the Sony PlayStation 5 is arguably one of the most notable consoles you’d want to have. But what if instead of white plastic housed around a black curved face, it was made of copper? Someone made a copper PS5 and it looks great.

Now, when we say “made a copper PS5”

;, it doesn’t mean a shell isn’t functional. Matt, the YouTuber known for the DIY Perks channel, took a PS5 and replaced the entire shell with a copper copy. It’s stunning, and more amazingly, it really works.

Brass is an easy choice for several reasons: it’s easy to work with, doesn’t require any special tools, and it looks great when you polish it. But “easy to work with” doesn’t mean the process of remaking the PS5’s side plates was straightforward. To get it done, Matt had to make a mold and overheat the copper while clamping it into the correct shape. Let’s just say the first try didn’t go the way he hoped.

And copper also causes some problems to work through. At the end of the video, Matt admits that he had to pull the Wi-Fi antennas out of the console. Probably because all that metal acts like a Faraday cage. Unfortunately, he didn’t explain the process for making that step happen, so this is just a “how-to” style tutorial. But it’s not that easy to find a spare PS5 to try this anyway.

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