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Wyze Cam v3 gets a window mount for easy outdoor security – Review Geek

A Wyze Cam v3 attached to a window mount

The Wyze Cam v3 is a versatile security camera for inside and outside the home. But outdoor use requires the use of a power cord, which can be difficult at best. You can place the camera in a window, but you will have to deal with glare. But we discovered an official $ 5 window mount that could fix that problem.

Wyze hasn̵

7;t announced the window mount yet, so details are sparse. But we can tell a lot just by looking at the site image. When you put most cameras (including the Wyze Cam) in front of the window, you will have glare and lighting issues at night. You can get around that by pushing the camera as flat as possible against the glass and turning off the IR lights. But it is not perfect.

The closer you can get to glass the better, and adding extra material around the camera sensor can help. That seems to be exactly what the Wyze Cam v3 Window Mount does. It brings the camera lens as close to the window as possible, and it adds a dark black frame around the lens. All you have to do is turn off the IR lights.

From what we can see, two sticky pads on the side hold the camera to your window, allowing you to place it as high or as low as you need to. You just fold the base back, because it is not necessary. For $ 5 you get a simple fix, but sometimes that’s all you need.

It looks like you can buy the mount right now, but Wyze hasn’t announced the accessory so it may not ship right away. But if you want to record through a window and you have a Wyze Cam v3, this seems like the best solution yet.

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