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Wyze can’t get chips right now, which is bad news for all of us – Review Geek

A Wyze Cam v3 next to a Wyze handheld vacuum.

Wyze sends out emails to users with bad news ̵

1; it can only obtain about a third of the silicon it needs to make cameras. That means Wyze cameras will be in and out of stock regularly over the next year, Cam Plus subscribers will get priority access to Wyze Cam v3, and the company will be launching more “dumb” electronics this year.

It’s not just Wyze who is having trouble purchasing the necessary silicon. But according to an email from the company, Wyze is being hit harder for being a low margin, high volume company. Without the chips it needs to build cameras and other products, Wyze has to change the focus of its business.

That starts with a greater emphasis on services such as Cam Plus. Wyze has already recently added new features to Cam Plus, along with discounts. With recent product launches from Wyze, it started with a pre-order price. But it can increase the price later. The Wyze Cam v3 is the first to launch at $ 19.99, but will retail at $ 23.99. Cam Plus subscribers get $ 19.99.

And for now, only Cam Plus subscribers can get a Wyze Cam v3. Everyone else has to wait for Wyze to build up more inventory. Of course, you can subscribe to Cam Plus now to take advantage of that benefit. The Wyze site even offers to sell you both at once (if the v3 is in stock).

The chip supply shortage isn’t just related to Wyze cameras, though. Wyze says it will focus on non-iOT products, such as the recent handheld vacuum cleaner. Despite not fitting in with Wyze’s usual offering, the vacuum quickly sold out and the company had to adjust to make more inventory available. Wyze says it will release more products that don’t have a Wi-Fi connection later this year.

It’s not great news for Wyze fans, but at least the company opted for transparency. Now we know why only Cam Plus subscribers can buy Wyze Cam v3 now. And we have a better idea of ​​what to expect in the future: more non-IoT products and a greater focus on subscriptions.

While Wyze mentioned Cam Plus by name only, it did say the emphasis would be on subscriptions, plural. So expect more news for the new Security Monitoring service. And we may also see the launch of other subscriptions. When that happens, we’re here to tell you you about the.

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