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Wyze wants you! … Vote for the ‘Murica-Themed Smartwatch’ – Review Geek

Different watch styles with different themes reminiscent of the American flag.

In front of about $26 with free shipping, the two different Wyze Watch options are a really solid entry for not a lot of money. But what if you want something more… patriotic? In that case, you might be interested in a Wyze America-themed smartwatch survey. And some nicer straps!

A Wyze Watch product manager posted about the possible styles on a closed Facebook group. The post includes a link to a Google doc with both options for an America-themed Wyze Watch and new sports band styles.

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex and I am the product manager for Wyze Watch. We̵

7;re investigating the launch of a commemorative American-themed watch with a variety of sports-style straps. We’d love for our Wyze friends to help with the design! Please vote for your favorite watch and strap color.

Thank you very much!


When you go through the options, it’s not too surprising to see a heavy slope in the stars and stripes for the America theme. It’s early June, but maybe the company can speed up the process in time for the July 4 holiday. But that comes with risks, and the Wyze Watch itself has already seen some controversy due to its two different form factors.

Originally billed as one watch in two sizes, we found that Wyze was actually selling two very different watches. Whether you want to look at the hardware or the software, little is the same between the two, and in the end we recommend the 47MM variant as the better option of the two. But for $26, either one is great.

Smartwatch sport-style straps in different colors.

It’s not clear what size Wyze would offer this America-themed watch in, but we can see the company looking at other strap styles as well. At this point, your choice of straps is pretty limited to the standard, a blue or green silicone option, and a green or brown leather option. But Wyze’s research shows off a sport-style band with plenty of holes for breathability. And it looks like the company is considering blue, peach, lilac, dark orange and obsidian gray. Since it asks you to vote which one you like, Wyze probably won’t offer all of these colors, just the popular ones.

We’d take the subtle Uncle Sam-looking watch and the “light blue” band. It has a lot of contrast, but it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. If Wyze eventually offers one of these styles, we’ll let you know.

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