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You can get free Xbox Game Pass subscriptions by using Bing – Review Geek

  Xbox Game Pass logo with different game characters

Xbox Game Pass is one of the best values ​​in gaming today. You get access to a lot of games for a very reasonable price. But do you know what makes a good deal even better? When it's free. Free as in, your time on Bing. Now I know the idea of ​​searching on Bing instead of Google sounds awful but keep reading as this is about free stuff.

Welcome to ICYDK (In Case You Didn & # 39; t Know), a series in which we provide tips and tricks that are not necessarily new, but may have gone under the radar or are otherwise unknown.

That's why I'm trying not to pay for Xbox Game Pass and I've done a pretty good job. My subscription has been running since last June and it is already ready for April. Everything I've spent on the service so far is $ 31

. I subscribe to Ultimate, so that should have cost me $ 240. I used deals to manage some of that, but I also used Microsoft Rewards to take care of the rest.

Microsoft Rewards pays you to search

You already use a search engine, right? Chances are you use Google. Although Google does offer the service & # 39; free & # 39; that is not entirely true, but it does sell your data to recoup those costs (and make a decent profit). Whether that is a fair deal or not is a debate for another day.

  A screenshot with a subscription that is good through April.
I paid over $ 1, but nowhere near the $ 240 that this plan should cost. [19659010] But if you use a search engine and start selling your data, why don't you get paid? That's the idea behind Microsoft Rewards (formerly known as Bing Rewards). And it's easy to use: sign in with a Microsoft account, then use Bing while signed in instead of Google.

You get points for your questions and if you want you can also take optional quizzes to collect those points faster. Microsoft even gives you bonus points for using Edge instead of Chome.

All those extra options are just that – optional. You can just use Bing and call it a day, and you still earn points. Once you've accumulated enough points, you can spend them on rewards. Your options are also diverse. You can purchase an Amazon gift card, HULU subscriptions, Taco Bell gift cards, and more.

But the best price, of course, is in Microsoft plans. They cost less on a point / dollar ratio than anything. The exact offering changes from time to time, and Microsoft even occasionally offers 'deals'. for his subscriptions. Last week, I bought three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (worth $ 45) for a "hot deal" for 25,000 points. That saved me about 10,000 points.

You don't have to buy an Xbox Game pass with Microsoft Rewards points. But if you wanted a Game Pass but couldn't miss the money, consider turning your daily searches into a free plan. You can sign up for free today.

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