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You can get Spotify’s $ 80 Car Thing for free. Here’s how


You can sign up to try and get a free Spotify Car Thing.


Spotify unveiled its cheeky name Car Thing last month, a smart music player that you can clip to your dashboard for voice-controlled access to playlists and podcasts. While the Car Thing is currently in a limited product launch, Spotify said it would normally give away $ 80 device for free to Spotify listeners, who only pay for shipping.

Unfortunately, it will probably be difficult to actually get your hands on a free Car Thing. As a limited launch, you have to be on a waiting list and hope to be chosen. It is also only available in the US. At launch, Spotify wouldn̵

7;t confirm how many Car Things it would give away, or whether more would become available later. CNET’s Joan Solsman reported.

But if you want to throw your hat in the ring, you can. Here’s how to get on the list for a free Spotify Car Thing. (These instructions are much the same on desktop and mobile.)

How to Get Listed for a Free Spotify Car Thing


Add your name to the list for a Spotify Car Thing display.


1. Make sure you paid Spotify Premium subscription and a smartphone with WiFi or mobile data.

2. Go to carthing.spotify.com.

3. Click in the top right corner Put me on the list.

4. Log in with your Spotify Premium Account Information.

5. The next screen will ask you which user you want to put on the list (if you have multiple users in your account). Click That is the user and the email address that I want to use and Get on the list.

That is it! Good luck.

How to set up Spotify Car Thing

If you manage to get your hands on a free Car Thing, here’s how to set it up in the Spotify mobile app:

1. Open the Spotify app and tap it Settings gear icon in the upper right corner.

2. Crane Car. Under Car Thing, tap Set up Car Thing.

3. Crane Start setting up.

4. If you have a car thing, it should show up on the next screen (make sure it’s turned on). Then follow the instructions.

Look for more information which Spotify Premium subscription suits you best, and how connect your Spotify account to your Google Home device.

Joan Solsman contributed to this report.

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