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You can grab a Wyze Cam v3 from Micro Center – no subscription required – Review Geek

A Wyze Cam v3 out in the rain.

The Wyze Cam v3 is one excellent Wi-Fi camera for indoor / outdoor at an unbelievably low price. There are only two problems. It is often out of stock and you must subscribe to Wyze Cam Plus to purchase it. Until now! Micro Center stocks the camera in its stores and on its website, and you don̵

7;t need a subscription to purchase.

If you missed our review, the Wyze Cam v3 far exceeds its price at under $ 30. It works indoors and out, has night vision and a starlight sensor, and produces quality video for the cost. It’s hard to fault the camera when it costs so little.

But getting hold of one is another matter. Due to a shortage of chips, Wyze is struggling to stock it on the company’s website. And when it has them for sale, it reserves them for Wyze Cam Plus subscribers.

You can buy the plan and camera together to get around that, but you’ll have to spend $ 35 plus shipping. After that, it’s $ 24 for each Wyze Cam.

If you don’t want a cloud subscription, order a Wyze Cam v3 from Micro Center. You spend $ 30, which saves some money instead of buying a single camera directly from Wyze. Some stores now have stock (our local store shows 25+), and if you don’t have a Micro Center nearby, you can have it shipped.

Just add it to your cart and change the pick up option to shipping. That adds to the cost of the camera, but you also pay for shipping through Wyze. For now, that’s the only way to buy the camera outside of Wyze, as you can only find the Wyze Cam v2 on Amazon.

However, there’s no telling how long the stock will last, so don’t wait if you have a Wyze Cam v3.

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