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You can soon record 3D animals on Android – check out Geek

  Showing a 3D turtle on a phone above a TMNT arcade
Josh Hendrickson

Showing 3D animals in your house is all the rage, a sign that we have all been locked up for too long. But right now, at least on Android, it's best to take a picture of a tiger or panda in your living room. That's about to change, as Android phones will soon be able to record video of 3D animals.

If you are an iPhone user, this trick is old since you can already record 3D animals. But Android users can only take photos (or use a third-party app). Now, as noted by our friends at 9to5Google, Google is releasing an update to enable videos as well.

You can record a video by pressing and holding the camera button. You can record up to 30 seconds and you even get audio. A red ring indicates the progress of your recording. Google also adds a quick link to your gallery so you can see your recorded 3D animals right away.

We've checked several Android phones and don't see the recording option yet, but the update seems to be rolling out now. Hopefully everyone can join some fun & # 39; panda on my couch & # 39; s videos soon.

via 9to5Google

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