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You may have already won with DoNotPay’s latest robotic service – Review Geek

A website with the words
Don’t pay

In the US only the government can organize lotteries. To get around that legality, companies that run sweepstakes offer the opportunity to enter for free, with no purchase required. But this usually involves a heavy task, such as sending in a self-addressed stamped envelope. Again, DoNotPay is here to help you by doing all the legwork for you.

The US defines a lottery as: “A randomly drawn giveaway with a chance of winning a prize with cash value and an element of consideration.”

; Basically, a lottery has three elements: random chance (or luck), a prize, and a prize to play. That’s the part of the fee, if you have to pay to have a shot, it’s a lottery.

Options in a mobile website to enter a contest
Don’t pay

And since only the government can organize a lottery, that puts companies like McDonald’s and Microsoft in the corner. Companies like to encourage you to top your fries or spend more time at Bing by handing out prizes to lucky winners. But if the company gets a financial benefit (your money or advertising dollars from your searches), then you’ve paid to play. So they get around that rule by running raffles with a way to enter without having to buy anything.

Look at the sweepstakes or raffle terms of service and you will find those magic words. “No Purchase Required” leads to instructions on how to get in without “spending money”. And it is almost always the same method. Write a lot of junk on a 3×5 piece of paper (Sweepstakes # 3 One Million Dollars Giveaway!) And mail it on such and such dates with a self-addressed stamp envelope.

It’s a brilliant tactic because companies can claim to offer a ‘no purchases necessary’ free option, but the barrier is just high enough, but few people will not go through. The vast majority of entries will contribute to the company’s profit.

The latest service from DoNotPay removes that barrier. The robot attorney already offers everything from burners phone numbers to refund services, and now it helps you enter sweepstakes from all over the web. All for $ 3 a month, which is arguably the most impressive part in itself. DoNotPay regularly adds more features, but the price remains the same.

With the latest update, once you are a subscriber, just go to the Free Lottery Tickets section in DoNotPay. Give it your mailing information (you only need to do that once), then choose one of the sweepstakes options from DoNotPay’s list. DoNotPay plans to keep the list up to date with the current lotteries, and if you know one that DoNotPay hasn’t found yet, you can enter the details. DoNotPay will do the work of emailing your submission for you.

We can’t imagine that companies will love the new service from DoNotPay, but we don’t like all the effort put into “free” submissions. So, turning the tables is another reason to consider DoNotPay’s $ 3 per month service. Keep in mind that when you sign up, you will be billed for the first year ($ 36) upfront.

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