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Your Amazon Echo is full of dust and crumbs: clean it for better sound


Make sure you clean your Echo properly.

Dale Smith / CNET

Your Amazon Echo is not moving too much ̵

1; you are probably giving Alexa commands without ever looking at it. But that means that it is easy to neglect the dust layer and other coarse accumulation that has formed over time. The good news is that you can thoroughly clean your speaker so that it looks new and sounds great again.

Microfibre cloths, a fluff roller and a vacuum cleaner with smaller attachments (such as those used to clean your laptop) are all great tools to use, and we will tell you when and how to use them on which part of the speaker.

These tips apply to almost every Echo Speaker from those with fabric covers such as the Echo Dot to the touchscreen Echo Show and the plastic Echo Input and second-gen devices.

You will get your smart speaker cleaned up completely.

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Your Amazon Echo is a seated duck for dust and debris.

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Lightly tap your Ultrasound device

If your Ultrasound speaker is super dusty, do yourself a favor and cover your nose and mouth with a medical face mask. After all, you don't want to breathe anything that comes from your device. Then lightly tap your speaker to remove any loose residue on the surface – make sure you place it over a trash can to keep dust from getting everywhere. You still have to plan to vacuum the area after your deep cleaning.

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Use a toothpick to dig crumbs from confined spaces

If you have ever touched the buttons of your Echo devices after devouring crackers or anything else that produces small crumbs, then you have probably trapped pieces of food in the buttons.

Use a toothpick to scrape them out – if they are stuck in it, you may need to use a sharper object, such as the edge of a business card. We do not recommend using knives or objects that could damage the speaker or injure you.

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<h2>  Run a lint roll on the canvas </h2>
<p>  If your Amazon Echo <span section= (

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) has a fabric cover, use a lint roller to pick up dust and particles that are on the cloth. You want it to run slightly over the fabric to prevent the dirt from being smeared deeper into the cloth. Because the fabric is woven, this does not grab all the slurries, but gets everything on top.

Use small vacuum cleaner attachments

There may be crumbs or debris in the cloth of the speaker, only a lint roller cannot reach it. What you need to do is use the small attachments of your vacuum cleaner to vacuum out all the dirt. This should remove almost all the dust and food that is on your Echo speaker.

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Use a small vacuum attachment to clean your Amazon Echo.

Dale Smith / CNET

Wipe it off with a microfibre cloth

After you have removed all the dust and dirt from your Echo, grab a microfibre cloth to wipe it clean to catch everything you've missed. The cloth must be dry while cleaning the speaker to prevent damage to the device or to allow the water to overflow.

When cleaning the plastic parts and the touchscreen (if you have the Echo Show (

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) ), you can use a slightly damp microfibre cloth. This should pick up something sticky that might end up on your device, such as fat or sugar.

Never clean your Amazon Echo

  • Never try to clean your Echo with alcohol, glass cleaner, stain remover or pretty much any liquid that is not water – and then only sparingly so that you do not get any liquid in the device.
  • Do not run your Amazon Echo under the tap – it will ruin your speaker.
  • Stay away from compressed air cans – the high pressure can damage the internal microphone and speaker.

Now that your Echo speaker is clean, look at this four places in your house that you should never place your Echo device . You may also be interested in how you can solve these eight problems that bully the Amazon Echo .

Originally published earlier this week.

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