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You’re Looking Wrong in Your Safari Tabs – Use This Hidden iPhone Trick to Find Them Faster «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

I’m constantly reaching Apple’s limit of 500 open tabs in Safari on my iPhone, so it’s safe to say I have way too many tabs to search through. With so many tabs open in the browser, it can be impossible to locate the tabs needed at any given time. If that sounds like you, stop browsing tab after tab to find the right one as there are hidden tricks to sift through those tabs that make it easy.

First, do I need all those tabs open? Probably not, but if I want to reread an article or finally buy those shoes, I’ll keep them open.

The easiest way to scroll through all of your open tabs is to swipe your finger through them, but that̵

7;s definitely a chore with hundreds of tabs to scroll through. Unfortunately, this is probably what you’ve been doing all along, and that’s because Safari doesn’t make it easy to find the tab search tools.

One way to find a tab is to open a new tab and search for a keyword, phrase, URL, or anything else associated with the tab you need. Without clicking “Go”, various results and recommendations should appear, and you may see your open tab below Switch to TabUnfortunately, it only shows you one open tab at a time, so it can still be difficult to find the tab you want if you have dozens of similar tabs.

So what else can you do? Find the hidden tab search. It is not a very well known feature as it is hidden at the top of all your tabs. If you have 300 or 400 or more open tabs, you probably never thought of scrolling to the top of all the tabs, but you should.

Tap the tabs icon at the bottom right to view your tabs if you are not already in tab view. Then tap the middle top of the screen to quickly move to the top of your tabs.

When you reach the top, swipe down anywhere on the screen to open and display the search bar.

Tap the search bar and enter a keyword, phrase, URL, etc. If the webpage has the keyword in its title, only those tabs will appear in Safari, greatly minimizing the number of tabs you have to scroll through. Tapping a tab to view it will also clear your search, so you’ll see all your tabs after you close it.

The only downside to this method is that you won’t find the tap you need and want to jump back to the most recent tabs to browse. There’s no place on the screen to tap to quickly jump down there, but you can tap the plus (+) icon to launch a new tab, and that should open where you need it. You can also scroll or use the search to find a tab that you know is down there.

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